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Best Way to Celebrate Festive Season at the Dreamy Czech Republic

Festivals in Czech Republic

People Celebrate in Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, the weather and views are breathtaking views at this time of the year. Chilly, foggy mornings, the autumnal weather lends a genuine melancholic atmosphere to many spots in the destination. As the Czech Republic is pleased to welcome Indian travellers fully vaccinated by Covid-19 vaccine, head to the Czech to celebrate the festive season.

Natural scenery creat by God

Průhonice Park: Romantic Walks

Located just a few kilometres from Prague, Průhonice Park offers natural scenery reminiscent of a fairy tale. It is one of the largest natural landscape parks in Central Europe covering an area of around 240 hectares. In autumn, when the sun slowly breaks through heavy fog, the park is an ideal place for both relaxation and romantic walks. In addition to being of historical significance, the park is home to domestic and exotic woody plants, numbering around 1,600 species.

Visitors in South Moravia

South Moravia and open cellars: Wine lovers

South Moravia is the warmest and sunniest region of the Czech Republic. It is also the region of grape harvesting, done period in autumn. In November, wine-makers welcome visitors to their wine cellars and offer wine tasting. Few of the open cellars, you can visit are the dreamy hills of Pálava in Horní and Dolní Věstonice (on 20 November) or in Pavlov (on 27 November). Velké Pavlovice will have cellars open on St. Martin’s Day on 13 November, and Hustopeče on 6 and 7 November.

Kladruber horses are a unique Czech breed

Kladruby: An equine paradise

Horse breeding has a long tradition in the Czech Republic. It is no wonder as the oldest Czech horse breed, the Kladruber, comes from this area. It is the home of the oldest stud farm in the world, inscribed on the UNESCO list. Kladruber horses are a unique Czech breed specifically developed for the ceremonial purposes of royal courts. To this day, the local white Kladruber horses still pull carriages at European royal court. Enjoy some of the old time atmosphere while touring the premises of the farm, the stables, chateau and the carriage house.

Hot springs, spas and healing treatments for men & women

West Bohemian spa: Hot springs and healing

For centuries, West Bohemia has been well-known for its hot springs, spas and healing treatments, good for cleansing the body and soul. At spa towns such as Karlovy Vary, Mariánské Lázně, Jáchymov or Františkovy Lázně, you can enjoy mineral water and spa waters. In Karlovy Vary, a geyser of hot mineral water called Vřídlo (Hot spring), spouting water up to a height of 12 metres. In Mariánské Lázně you can see a beautiful cast-iron neo-Baroque colonnade built in the late 19th century. You can touch a sculpture of a small boy with a fish in Františkovy Lázně to bring you luck. In Jáchymov, where the world’s first radon spa was set up more than one hundred years ago, you can go for a stroll along an educational radon trail and try out the beneficial effects of this water.

Czech mountain is a famous range in border

Czech Mountains: Laid-Back holiday with family

Krkonoše Mountains, the most famous Czech mountain range is located on the border of the Czech Republic and Poland. Cable cars in Czech offer stunning views and easy access to several peaks without trekking and climbing hundreds of metres in elevation. It makes a perfect starting point of a number of ridge hikes too. You can comfortably reach the highest mountain of the Czech Republic, Mount Sněžka (1,063m), by cable car, which will take you from Obří důl in Pec pod Sněžkou to a halfway point on Růžová hora (1,354m), from where you can either continue your cable car ride to the top of Mount Sněžka or hike the final stretch on foot. From Špindlerův Mlýn, you can take a cable car to Pláně or to Medvědín, a comfortable way to reach the springs of the River Elbe.

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