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July 13, 2024
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Turkey to Implement National Sustainable Tourism Scheme


Turkey is reportedly set to introduce a national sustainable tourism scheme following an agreement between the Turkish government and the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

Notably, Turkey is the first country to organise a national programme with the GSTC.  

The scheme will follow designation criteria set by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. The aim is to boost sustainability practises in Turkey’s tourism industry. In a statement, Turkey said the agreement was a “major step” towards sustainability. The agreement spans three years, and is made up of several stages of implementation. 

The first stage, due to be finalised by 2030, will include setting the necessary criteria, with inspection firms receiving training. The goal between the government and the GSTC is to make the first stage operational by 2023. The second stage will reportedly be implemented in 2025, and all international standards are to be achieved in 2030.      

The recent agreement will apparently align with the aims of the Paris Agreement. Turkey signed the Paris Agreement in 2016, and ratified it last year. In addition to this, the Climate Finance Accelerator (CFA) Turkey has announced six innovative low-carbon projects that it will support to access finance from investors following a call for proposals that attracted applications from 31 projects.

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