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September 22, 2023
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What Wellness Travellers are Looking for in 2022, According to the Latest Trends Survey

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A survey has revealed what makes wellness travellers tick when it comes to planning a post pandemic getaway.

The findings offer travel professionals a clearer understanding of consumers’ priorities based on research from the Wellness and Tourism Association.

It highlights the amenities, activities and assets that are most and least important, based on a survey of 2,500 people from 52 different countries and territories.

Wellness travellers are most likely to prioritise “a certified safe and clean environment” above anything else, according to the study.

A purified water system throughout the hotel, access to fitness activities in nature,a hotel environment with sustainable and green practices and guest rooms with an air filtration system were also among the top things they look for when planning a wellness holiday.

Meanwhile the least significant features, rated “not important at all”, include access to mental health professionals and nutritionists.

Other unimportant elements included access to fitness trackers and apps, access to medical practitioners for private consultations and access to other wellness professionals.

When it comes to booking wellness travel over the next two years, price, booking and cancellation flexibility, trust and destination management were ranked most highly.

WTA President Anne Dimon said: “While the importance of nature has been an overwhelming theme and top priority for wellness travellers since we started conducting these surveys in 2018, we’re now seeing a dramatic increase in the demand for self-care as consumers are more proactive about their health than ever before.”

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