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October 4, 2023

ITB Convention: Global Trends in Travel & Technology Insights from Jane Sun, CEO Trip.Com

Jane Sun, CEO of Trip.com

Jane Sun, CEO of Trip.com explains how technology helped to refine the website’s answers to new requests from customers.

The past two years have been very challenging for the travel industry but Trip.com was able to survive by sticking to its core principles: customer first, partners second and Trip.com structure third, as revealed in an interview with Jane Sun, CEO ofTrip.com, during the virtual ITB Convention this week.

According to Sun, technology has been strategic to maintaining customers confidence in Trip.com. “Technology played a very important role. When rapid changes take place, it is impossible to process at the same speed for humans. Technology helped us to get immediately online and with just one hit of a button to be able to process a refund,” explained Sun.

Technology helps in most fields of business

Digitalisation was very important for Trip.com as most of the business moved from offline transactions to online ones.

Shorter booking periods stressed again the necessity for Trip.com to keep on top of customer requests. “The booking window for a trip is shortened, the stay of a vacation is also shortened. We need to react quickly,” added Sun.

During the interview, Sun also revealed that Trip.com used technology to keep health and safety standards in hotels high during the pandemic – such as using contactless technology. AI (Artificial Intelligence) was also used to gather as much information as possible for each country regarding borders opening or new rules and keeping the traveller instantly informed.

Finally technology is also at the heart of communication for the online brand. “Technology helps us reach our customers by using the newest media methods. Such as live stream, which is now very popular for the younger generation,” said Sun.

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