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September 22, 2023

AlUla, a Unique Destination Unveils its Rich Heritage



  • The fourteenth-century Arab traveller Ibn Battuta described AlUIa as a beautiful, large village that has palm groves and water resources.
  • In modern times, AlUla is also the name of the surrounding region, and this unique destination is finally unveiling its rich heritage to the world.
  • Positioned in the northwest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, AlUla is an extraordinary example of Saudi Arabia’s wonderful culture and deep-rooted history.
  • As a place of exceptional human endeavour, visitors to AlUla are immersed in a land of ancient civilisations.


  • Archaeological research in Saudi Arabia reveals sites more than one million years old – here in AlUla, recent discoveries chart more than 200,000 years of human history.
  • AlUla was a vital crossroads along the famous incense-trading routes running from southern Arabia north into Egypt, the Mediterranean and beyond.
  • AlUla was the capital of the ancient Dadanite and Lihyanites Kingdoms and the second largest city in the Natabaean Kingdwom after Petra.
  • Home to four main heritage sites, Saudi Arabia’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hegra, the ancient city of Dadan, the open air library of Jabal Ikmah and AlUla Old Town.
  • Today, through a diverse offering of heritage, nature, arts and culture, and adventure, AlUla is positioned as a high-profile, memorable and fascinating tourist destination in Saudi Arabia.


  • AlUla is a place of exceptional natural beauty with unique geology and history with incredible landscapes and rock formations that rival any desert landscape in the world.
  • A lush valley oasis of palm groves and fruit orchards provides the perfect setting for rejuvenation, reawakening and reconnection.
  • AlUla is a raw multi-sensory experience, the sunsets, the silence, the spices in locally cooked dishes, and the textures of the desert combine to leave visitors truly transformed.
  • As natures canvas, AlUla is blessed with natural and man-made art on a monumental scale.


  • AlUla has been a place of creative inspiration and cultural exchange for millennia and is now welcoming visitors who seek new travel experiences for creative enrichment.
  • Maraya is one of the world’s architectural wonders, a total of 9740 square metres of mirrors cover the exterior walls of the cube-shaped structure reflecting the desert surroundings of AlUa.
  • Maraya is set to become one of the world’s most sought-after venues for event, regional and international business events, conferences as well as weddings and other special events.
  • AlUla is an exciting new arts and cultural hub with events from contemporary art, to all genres of music, agriculture, adventure, horse and adrenalin events that hero the local monuments, people, traditions and culture.
  • New and exhilierating adventure experiences include an Adventure Canyon with a zipline, dune buggies, adventure trails, horse trails, stargazing tours and more.


  • AlUla’s main city of the same name is located on the original pilgrimage route to Makkah, approximately 325km north of Medina.
  • The Royal Commission for AlUla is driving efforts to develop the county of AlUla into a preeminent global tourist destination.
  • Visitors to AlUla today will experience an authentic journey through time, in a place of wonder and discovery, adventure and cultural immersion.
  • With a focus firmly on conservation and light-touch tourism experiences, AlUla’s sensitive development will set the benchmark for sustainable tourism globally.
  • AlUla will once again provide a sanctuary and meeting point for travellers who understand that a better future depends on our mutual understanding of one another.


  • Travelling to AlUla by air or by road is convenient for today’s travellers, and once you have arrived, several options are available for getting around.
  • A tourist eVisa is available country-wide for travellers 18 and older from 49 eligible countries, and female travellers aged 18 and above can travel independently.
  • The best time to visit is October through April, with temperatures ranging from a pleasant 10–25 degrees Celsius. Temperatures in May through September is much hotter in this desert climate, ranging from 20–35 degrees Celsius.

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