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Booking.com Announces New and Improved Flights Experience in India

Improved flights experience in India

Indian customers will now have access to a wide global and domestic inventory of airlines with no hidden charges and no credit card fees

As a part of its ongoing commitment to create a seamless and frictionless travel experience, leading digital travel platform Booking.com announces a new and improved flight-booking service in India, in time with the complete resumption of regular international flights in India. The in-house branded flight service will create a whole new way to book and experience air travel that’s convenient, intuitive and ultimately more traveller-friendly.

Travellers in India can now browse and book flights from a global inventory of airlines to and from anywhere in the world for their upcoming summer holidays. This new advancement will help deliver a more personalised and convenient solution to travellers to help make their overall planning and travel experience smoother and more enjoyable.  Through this new and improved seamless flight experience, travellers can search, book and pay for their flight without leaving the Booking.com app or platform. 

Using the Booking.com website and app, travellers in India can now book flights from every major airport in the world to over hundreds of destinations. The enhanced flight product offers an end-to-end booking experience, from search to booking and post-booking support. Travellers will be provided with the broad choice and easy experience of comparing flights from hundreds of  airlines with the unique product features that are typically only available when booking directly with the airline such as increased flexibility, customisation and control.

What’s in it for Booking.com customers?

For flights, Booking.com’s customer journey has been designed with the traveller front of mind –  and the company is committed to continuously optimising and innovating to ensure the best possible customer experience.

  • What you see is what you pay: Booking.com is committed to complete price transparency and clarity, which means no hidden charges and no credit card fees. All associated flight costs and prices are clearly shown and communicated upfront.
  • Full visibility and access: Travellers arranging their flights with Booking.com have full visibility and access to ticket and seat options on most flights. The service also shows upfront which bags are included in the ticket, so it’s easier for customers to compare and make a decision that’s right for them and the trip they are taking.
  • Make your own selection: Customers arranging their flights with Booking.com can choose their seats, add their luggage requirements, select their meals, buy insurance and view the details of their flight reservation without ever leaving the Booking.com app. 
  • Book with confidence: Booking.com understands that having the ability to change a flight reservation if need be, is an absolute prerequisite for some travellers. So with this in mind, Booking.com offers travellers flexi-ticket options for ultimate peace of mind.
  • Multi-city itineraries: Along with single and return flight tickets, travellers can also arrange more complex and hyper-customised multi-city flight itineraries directly with Booking.com.
  • Budget-savvy travellers: Budget-savvy travellers can make use of split tickets, where they can combine one-way tickets from different airlines into unique itineraries (e.g. round trips, multi-city trips) to offer more choice, better prices and a simpler way to book the whole trip in one go.
  • Complete peace of mind: Customers who are happy to ‘self-connect’ to reach their destination can choose the  ‘virtual-interlining’ tickets. Virtual-interlining tickets offer more choice and often better prices for customers. Behind the scenes, Booking.com pieces together the best flight choices for a specified route, looking into all available airlines and their schedules. The virtual-interlining tickets come with a Self-Transfer guarantee for complete peace of mind.
  • Compare flights with ease: For travellers who are undecided or open-minded about their destination, Booking.com allows customers to search for flights to and from multiple airports simultaneously to help inspire, save time and find great deals.
  • Here to help you: Indian customers can call the Booking.com customer services team 24/7 for help and assistance with any reservation related queries
  • More for your trip: From the palm of their hand, travellers can arrange every element of their trip with Booking.com. From finding the right flight, arranging a car rental pick up or airport transfer, discovering new and exciting attractions, complemented with the perfect stay – all searched and booked from the same app. Trip planning has never been easier.
Ritu Mehrotra, Regional Commercial Director, APAC, Booking.com
Ritu Mehrotra, Regional Commercial Director, APAC, Booking.com

Ritu Mehrotra, Commercial Director, APAC, China & Oceania at Booking.com said, “With more and more travel restrictions being lifted and the world slowly opening up again, summer 2022 seems to mark the return of travel for Indian travellers who are ready to get back out there and make the most of their summer holidays. To make it easier for everyone to experience the world, we are now offering a new and improved flight experience to customers in India, allowing them to seamlessly browse and book flights to anywhere in the world. This new flights booking service will ease the complexities of travel planning by empowering our customers to book their flights and stay easily and directly on Booking.com.”

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