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December 5, 2023
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Shell Ushers in a New Age of Fluid Reliability and Digital Solutions at EXCON 2022


Shell, the world leader in finished lubricants, recently showcased its complete range of digital and fluid reliability solutions at EXCON 2022. Shell was present across two stalls at the event, featuring its full range of construction and mining products, services, and digital solutions.

Jaideep Shekhar, MD, Asia & EMEAR, Terex Materials Processing

The highlight of the event was an exclusive launch of Shell LubeOptimiser by Jaideep Shekhar, MD, Asia & EMEAR, Terex Materials Processing, and live dashboards of revolutionary telematics solutions Machine Max and Shell Remote Sense.

Debanjali Sengupta, Country Head, Shell Lubricants, India

Commenting on Shell’s range of products and services at EXCON, Debanjali Sengupta, Country Head, Shell Lubricants India, said, “Unlocking value for our partners, OEMs, and end consumers is at the heart of our business, and we are proud to be consistently setting benchmarks for quality and performance. While we continue to offer best-in-class lubricants, our solutions are designed to help customers in running trouble-free operations and reducing the total cost of ownership both on-site and off-site. We have expanded our portfolio for construction and mining sectors and are looking to grow our fluid reliability and digital solutions multifold in 2022”.

Shell’s fluid reliability solutions help customers address their lubrication-related challenges such as removal of contamination, water, varnish, etc. The absence of proper treatment of lubricants can significantly impact the cost of operation and maintenance and increase downtime due to unwanted failures. Shell LubeOptimiser is Shell’s latest fluid reliability solution designed to simplify operations, reduce downtime, and protect equipment.

Shell also showcased a live dashboard of cutting-edge sensor-based digital solutions, MachineMax and Remote Sense. While MachineMax helps companies to maximize the profitability and efficiency of their off-highway fleets using intelligent sensors and next-generation analytics; Shell Remote Sense is an elite remote condition monitoring service which uses oil sensors, data science and analytics to deliver actionable insights to customers on the condition of lubricants and equipment on a real-time basis. Shell Remote Sense’s predictive capabilities can help customers avoid unplanned stoppages or breakdowns.

Through its range of solutions and robust portfolio, Shell demonstrated how customers can tap into the hidden potential in operations to reduce the total cost of ownership and unlock substantial savings in both construction and mining sectors.

Shell’s pavilions at EXCON were inaugurated by esteemed guests, Deepak Shetty, CEO and MD, JCB India, and Senthil Kumar, MD, Propel Industries Private Limited.

The display also included proven solutions of Shell Rimula R5 LE engine oil which offers more than 1% fuel saving with extended oil drain intervals, and Shell Gadus S3 V460D 2 heavy-duty grease, which has demonstrated savings of more than INR 30 crores equivalent globally, optimised grease consumption and increased grease and component life over the years.

Another key feature of Shell’s presence at EXCON was its waste oil management solution which will help customers achieve their compliance and sustainability goals.

Some of the key highlights at Shell’s pavilion at EXCON included:

  • Reliability solutions:
    • Shell LubeOptimiser (fluid reliability solutions)
    • Shell LubeAnalyst (oil analysis solution)
    • Shell LubeExpert (equipment inspections and monitoring)
  • Sensor based digital solutions:
    • MachineMax (equipment telematics)
    • Shell Remote Sense (live oil condition monitoring)
  • Alternative energy and sustainability solutions:
    • Waste oil management: responsible disposal of oil waste
    • Solar: Solar energy solutions to reduce energy bills and carbon footprint
    • LNG: LNG fuel supply to customers

·       Advanced products

o   Shell Rimula R5 LE engine oils (extended oil life and fuel saving of more than 1%)

o   Shell Gadus S3 heavy duty greases (extended grease and component life)

o   Shell Tellus S2/S3 hydraulic oils (longer oil life and superior pump protection)

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