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July 13, 2024
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Lexicon Institute of Hotel Management Focuses on Creating a Balanced Academic Ecosystem through Academia-Industry Collaborations

In the two years that the pandemic brought the world to a standstill, coupled with all the loss and grief, it also gave people the time to reflect on the journey they had completed so far. It allowed businesses and individuals to re-evaluate and re-strategize their approach in the professional and personal spheres. It has been crucial for the changes we now observe in the functioning, culture, and environment of companies, particularly the hospitality industry.

Nasir Shaikh, Group CEO – The Lexicon Group of Institutes, MultiFit and EduCrack

This period of re-evaluation offered by the pandemic has led many hospitality organizations to acknowledge the need for active participation in nurturing talented hospitality aspirants and professionals, even before they enter the industry. Nowadays, hotel companies take an enthusiastic interest in understanding the academic environment, offer relevant industry insights and eagerly contribute to students’ development through mentorship programs, assisting educational institutes with curriculum design and refining the learning process. Such collaborations benefit not only the students but also hotel companies, as it ensures that aspirants are ready to step into the role of professionals armed with requisite skills from day one. “We take pride in the fact that the Lexicon Institute of Hotel Management is A Hotel School: By the Hoteliers, For the Hoteliers. We believe that Academic Progression enhanced by educational curriculum and pedagogies developed in collaboration with leading businesses in the hotel industry, supported by an active and continuous exchange, is the need of the hour. Our approach and academia- industry collaborations enable us to create the perfect ecosystem to help transform hospitality aspirants of today into successful hoteliers of tomorrow.”, says Nasir Shaikh, Group CEO – The Lexicon Group of Institutes, MultiFit and EduCrack.

These changes in the industry also show in the academic sphere. Lexicon Institute of Hotel Management is pioneering the evolution in Hospitality Education, which was in much need of an overhaul, with effective changes in the content, delivery, and learnings acquired by the students. The decades-old content, though crucial, had lost relevance a while back. It lacked a reference to new technologies, applications and the scope of the industry. The educators at hospitality education institutes focused on delivering the concepts and accomplishing the administrative responsibilities found themselves lacking time to focus on explaining and understanding the functioning of contemporary operations in hotels. The Lexicon Institute of Hotel Management, today, is re-defining excellence in hospitality education by re-focusing the attention on a comprehensive approach with equal importance to industry basics, inclusion of new technologies, applications and student-centric learning.

Gladvin Rego, Principal, Lexicon Institute of Hotel Management

Today’s business environment also demands a higher level of expertise and skills from professionals in the hotel industry. “The nature of the duties and responsibility is and continues to become far more diverse and complex than before for hospitality professionals. The industry expects individuals to not only be experts in their area of interest, but also have the skills to adapt to any future shifts the industry undergoes. There is a need for conscious effort and collaboration between the industry and academia to create competent, multi-skilled and future-ready hospitality professionals. This is our goal at the Lexicon Institute of Hotel Management. This goal to bridge the gap between academia and industry is echoed in our curriculum design, institutional culture and various student-centric industry relevant initiatives.”, says Gladvin Rego, Principal, Lexicon Institute of Hotel Management.

Lexicon Institute of Hotel Management has already signed MOUs with leading Multi-National groups like Marriott International, Accor Hotels India, Sarovar Hotels and Resorts, Food Blogger Association of India, and NV Lifestyle- Davidoff Cigars for various invaluable industry collaborations and is rapidly advancing in its industry outreach. It is spearheading the change in industry-academia relations and driving hospitality educational excellence to new heights with its advanced pedagogies, futuristic approach and technologically sound infrastructure.

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