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December 10, 2023

Imereti: An Important Culinary Destination of Georgia Thanks to its Traditional Cuisine


Imereti is said to be one of the most beautiful parts of Georgia. Along with beautiful landscapes and ancient history, it also has an authentic cuisine culture with old, rich, interesting, and diverse taste qualities, which we can put next to the famous cuisines of the world

“Imeretian Supra“ (Imeretian table) is a Georgian expression that combines in one phrase the Georgian-Imeretian tradition of welcoming a guest and an unprecedentedly diverse set of dishes. The project “Imeretian Taste” is dedicated to this exact phenomenon- “Imeretian Supra”.


What is Imeretian taste?.. Imeretian taste means the characteristics of only Imeretian gastronomic nuances. Appetizing dishes designed for human taste receptors, the authenticity of Imeretian cuisine- an amazing synthesis of freshly made Imeretian cheese and dough, with walnuts, various spices, vinegar, vegan or vegetarian dishes obtained from specific plants or thermally processed meat packed in fruit and walnut sauces, home-made sausages with minced meat, the desserts made of grape juice


Imeretian taste is sharp and memorable, once you taste it, you will never forget and you will miss it forever.

Travel to one of the most beautiful parts of Georgia, Imereti, with “Imeretian Taste”, in open, sunny spaces, in abundant waterfalls, and in strange canyons. Here are all the conditions to become an adventurer, to engage in extreme sports, to enjoy the bosom of nature, to see amazing natural and cultural monuments, to marvel at ancient remains, to visit small towns with great history from the legend of the Argonauts, and to enjoy the unforgettable flavors of one of the most famous cuisines in the world. 

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