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CRED Travel Wrap 2022: Curated Travel Experiences are in!

Curated Travel Experiences are in

CRED is a high-trust community

With members finally deciding to take the plunge and spend time travelling in 2022, CRED, a high trust community of individuals, brands and institutions has put together trends witnessed in the adoption of CRED Travel. 

Key trends defining member travel in 2022 include; 

Maldives and Goa were the most popular destinations: 2022 involved beach trips for CRED members, with many booking getaways to pristine properties in Maldives and Goa. Popular properties included Varu by Atmosphere and Taj Coral Reef in Maldives, which offered members a luxe tropical experience by the sandy beach. The other favourite was the Ukiyo Beach Resort in Goa- where members could opt for unlimited drinks and relax at a unique fish spa.

Varu by Atmosphere

‘Daycations’ are on the rise: CRED members decided to opt for day-long vacations, allowing them to prioritise leisure around other commitments, choosing to relax at a luxe property in or around their city. Taj Properties, Radisson and Lemon Tree Hotels emerged as top properties for daycations. Members opted for these stays during occasions like Birthdays, Valentine’s Day getaways etc. 

Radisson Candolim

Holidays just a drive away: Driving just a few hours to their getaway really appealed to the CRED members. If you live in Bengaluru city, then you are just a couple of hours drive away from Fortune JP Palace, Mysore. Overlooking the tranquil, walled city of Mysore, the hotel is inspired by the architecture of the maharajas and reflects the state’s rich heritage.

If you live in Chennai, then Bonjour Bonheur Ocean Spray in Pondicherry is just a stone’s throw away. Filled with French architecture and culture, Pondicherry is a colonial paradise that revels in its French connection that surrounds itself in lavish heritage villas. 

Fortune JP Palace, Mysore

Wellness trips are a forever classic: After the hustle and bustle of daily life, CRED members just wanted a week or two to get away from it all, relax and rejuvenate themselves. Hill stations are a year-round favourite for this. Coorg especially, is one such destination that shines. The Birchwood Retreat and Ayatana, Coorg are heavenly havens for those who are simply in love with coffee and nature. 

Ayatana, Coorg

Live a vibrant royal and adventurous experience: 2022 saw the CRED members visit the land of Rajputs. Rich in culture, resplendent in royalty and surrounded by wildlife, Rajasthan is a perfect place to travel to and immerse yourself in the history of days past but the modernity of the now. The favourite property was The Tigress, Ranthambore, a perfect premium getaway which embraces the wild side of nature, and the lavish side of luxury. 

The Tigress Rathambore

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