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“Indian Rhythm has a Tremendous Tradition, a Fantastic History of Understanding it as Life” says Percussionist, Bickram Ghosh

Indian rhythm

During the discussion on ‘Art for Heart – The Healing Power of Genius’, at ABP Network’s second Ideas of India summit, Bickram emphasized on the importance of Indian rhythm and the history of understanding rhythm as life.

Speaking at the session, he said, “Rhythm in its essence cuts across nations, across pretty much anything, but Indian rhythm, in particular, has a tremendous tradition, has a fantastic history of understanding rhythm as life. So the whole concept of the circular rhythm which is the taala structure… Indian rhythm was thought of in that way connecting it to the cosmos because it’s a very old tradition and rhythm in India is a philosophy. It’s not just a beat or a groove so in that context the way we see Taala is so refined.”

Sarod players Amaan Ali Bangash and Ayaan Ali Bangash, who represent the seventh generation of a musical lineage known as the Senia Bangash Gharana, were also a part of this discussion. From a young age, both of them became acquainted with the fine art of playing the sarod. While talking about their journey in music, Ayaan Ali Bangash said, “A Guru or a mentor can only convey the path to you but I think the realisation of the sense of responsibility has to come from within. I don’t think that can be thrown upon. If you don’t feel it, then don’t do it.”

Amaan Ali Bangash elaborated upon how Indian classical music is connected with spirituality even in modern times. “I think it has to do with culture because our music is more about what we have heard from the great Ustads and Pandits, what we learned from them. It’s to do with spirituality. I think Indian classical music is connected with spirituality,” he said on the humility of classical artists.

Speaking at the second edition of the “Ideas of India”, classical and contemporary vocalist Shubha Mudgal said, “The companionship of music kept me going through difficult times in the past 2 years, even near-death experiences. It’s possible that companionship of music provides unconditional healing and support.”

The ABP Network’s “Ideas of India” Summit 2023 was discussing the topic of “‘Art for Heart – The Healing Power of Genius’. Amidst the global churn and changing dynamics, the summit has brought together policymakers, cultural ambassadors, industry experts, celebrities, and business leaders to discuss the vital role India plays. ABP Network is a leading multi-language channel reaching 535 million individuals in India therefore this summit provides one of the biggest platforms for the brightest minds across various sectors to express their views.

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