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December 7, 2023

Vikram Kamat, the Founder of The Vitskamats Group

Vikram Kamat, Chaiman,The VITSKamats Group

Vikram Kamat, Chariman, The VITSKamats Group

Hygienic and clean washrooms have been a prominent issue in the rural parts of our country. When we travel on the highways from one city to another, the one problem every woman and child faces is finding a hygienic washroom in between their journey. There are many public washrooms that we pass through, but hygiene is something that we cannot count on. To eradicate this problem once and for all, Kamats Restaurants, being a highway restaurant brand made it a mission to become a pit-stop with having a clean washroom, changing rooms, and pocket-friendly fresh food, keeping the quality of food persistent.

When asked Vikram Kamat about his thoughts on the same, he said, “Kamats has always been serving fresh and hygienic food to all its customers but when I joined the business, the first thing I tried focusing on, was on the hygiene factor of our washrooms. A lot of road travelers in our country choose an internationally famous brand for using their washrooms while they crave eating hot and fresh Indian meals. This made me think about the importance of clean washrooms for Indian road travelers along with great food. Therefore trying to bridge this gap we have ventured into making all Kamats provide not only hygienic food but also clean washrooms so that our guests can eat and freshen up in comfort at the same pit stop. This will not only help in our business but also improve us as a community and make Indian high way restaurants a preferred option too. This initiative is also aimed at our country’s overall mission towards good hygiene and promoting local businesses and Kamats being an iconic brand it only makes us proud to contribute towards our own country and society.”

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