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Exhibition – Natures Calling



I am Swati Goel and I am based in Delhi. The medium I use is acrylic on canvas. When I was a little child I used to dabble with crayons on the walls of my house and seeing this, my mom enrolled me in an art class which I vaguely remember but, since then I have always wanted to be around the creative arts. It was a brief time that I lost touch of my art but after that; I started painting during the Covid 19 pandemic because I wanted to escape from my surroundings and all the chaos in the world. So, art for me is an escape hence I follow the philosophy of ‘Abstract Expressionism’. Abstract expressionism is literally being naked with your emotions on a blank canvas and I love doing that.

The way I think, perceive and interpret is so different and way more artistic than a few years back when I was just trying my hand on abstract art. I conceptualize my thought and do my research based on it. I just go flow with the rhythm of the music playing. Now there is more depth and a keen eye for detail into textures of my works.

I am proud to say I have my solo exhibition at India International Center for the first time at Annexe gallery. My exhibit is “Natures Calling” this is an experiment to explore the vast concept of nature and the emotion behind its colours. I have explored more with blue as I believe that it is the most deep, mysterious and intellectual colour of nature and just with a tinge of yellow in it green, the colour of grass, clarity and serenity is also formed; and lastly yellow, the colour of hope, light and confidence is most important.

‘Natures Calling’ will make you go through a rollercoaster of emotions just with one colour. One will be able to find calmness in chaos that’s tangled in our mind and untangle into a more hopeful and optimistic mindset. This is also what I portray in all my paintings- a ray of hope, light amidst all the darkness around or some positivity.


Swati Goel

I have strong instincts. I choose my colours based on instinct. A lot of my artwork is also made by instinct. When to paint with my hands or a certain texture and where to balance out my composition and all these techniques is where instinct plays a huge role in this special journey of mine.

I am very passionate about my art.  I began paining since I was a child and back again at a time of crisis, covid-19 pandemic.

Over these years, I’ve calibrated my worldview based on my own struggles and the inspiration that I draw from my environment.  My paintings depict abstract expressionism and a special story is attached to all.

You will find my paintings to depict my unique style and texturally techniques too. In every viewing I aim to enable my audience to experience fresh, subjective ways of experiencing and living different emotions— which I may be feeling while painting or would have wanted the painting to depict. In all of my paintings I run a common thread of light, a ray of hope, positivity and purity, which runs in the background of my life as well.

All my paintings are also linked with music in one way or another. Sometimes it’s the beat that I dance to while applying paint and running my spatula on it or sometimes my mind would really ponder upon the lyrics of the song. It could be the rhythm that changed my wrist movement that ended up making my final outcome or it could be the number of times I have heard the same track and completed my artwork accordingly.

Art for me is a form of catharsis. I feel liberated when I paint. I consider painting a form of self therapy. I feel a sense of relief in my mind, body and soul. I am a young woman, who is a direct product of the world that I occupy, shaped by the system of which I am a part. I paint not just the world I see, and the emotions I feel, but a future world that I hope to change in a positive manner. One that is free of violence, fear, chaos and conflict. One that is filled with hope, purity, love, light and dreams.

I hope you enjoy the paintings as much as I enjoyed painting them for you.

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