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Best Entry Gates For Tadoba- Best Zones in Tadoba National Park

Tadoba National Park

Tadoba National Park as the locals call it is “The Real Land of the Tiger” and all gates lead you to this ever so exciting forest which guarantees an adventure of a lifetime!

The National Park is divided into 3 forest ranges :

1. Tadoba North Range

2. Moharli Range

3. Kolsa South Range

These ranges are interconnected and can be covered during a Safari from either of their gates. Each of these ranges has core zones and buffer zones.

The core zone of Tadoba has 6 gates and the buffer zone of Tadoba has 12 gates of entry to the park currently.

The 6 best entry gates of the Tadoba core zone are:-

1. Moharli Gate4. Navegaon Gate
2. Khutwanda Gate5. Pangdi
3. Kolara Gate6. Zari Gate

The core zone is the protected demarcated area of the forest department where the natural resources and wildlife are highly conserved and human activity is extremely limited.

The 12 entry gates of the buffer zone of Tadoba are :-

1. Agarzari8. Mamla
2. Devada-Adegaon9. Pangdi
3. Junona10. Sirkada
4. Kolara11. Zari/Peth
5. Ramdegi-Navegaon12. Kesalghat
6. Alizanza13. Chora Chinchola
7. Madnapur14. Nimdela – Ramdegi

Buffer Entry Gates at Tadoba

The buffer zone is the area surrounding or adjoining the Core Zone where conservation takes place along with some limited human activity.

In Tadoba, both the core and the buffer zones have excellent sightings due to the rich and bountiful wildlife species of approximately 62 mammals, 291 birds, 9 amphibians, 34 Reptile Species, and 174 species of butterflies. The highlight for most being the 115 tigers and the 151 leopards and yes the elusive black leopard is also amongst them.

Do keep in mind that these gates may be very far from each other and it is advisable to book safaris at gates which are closer to where you are staying. Below are the gates that can be booked according to the zone that is closest to where you are staying. Waghoba Eco Lodge is closest to Khutwanda gate (15 minutes) and Moharli gate (30 minutes) of  Moharli Zone and hence it is advisable to book safaris from this zone while staying at Waghoba Eco Lodge.

1.Moharli zone

· Core gate – Moharli, Khutwanda

· Buffer gates – Devada, Adegao, Agarzari, Junona & Mamla gates.

2. Kolara zone

· Core gate – Kolara

· Buffer gates – Alizanza, Madnapur, Sirkheda, Kolara Chauradeo, Palasgaon & Belara gates

3. Navegaon zone

· Core gate – Navegaon

· Buffer gates – Navegaon Ramdegi & Nimdela gates.

4. Pangadi and Zari zone

· Core gate – Pangadi & Zari

· Buffer gates – Pangadi Aswal Chuha, Keslaghat & Zari Peth gates

Although there are around 18 water bodies in Tadoba, the significant lakes are Tadoba Lake, Jamani Lake, and Telia Lake that is brimming with wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. These lakes are not only vital for the flora and fauna of the park but also for several human inhabitants around the park. Of course the dominant species the big cats have declared these as their lair.

Amongst the 115 tigers in Tadoba, 3 main tigresses and two melanistic leopards, or as the local guides call it, “Blacky” rule these important areas of Tadoba. These fearless, bold and extremely alluring cats can be seen in their respective domains.

  1. Tadoba Lake and surrounding areas right up to Panderpauni are currently dominated by Tigress Maya & her cubs.  This areas can be reached fastest through the Khutwanda Gate of Moharli zone. This is also the area where Blacky the black leopard has been frequently sighted.

2. Jamani lake and around is Chhoti Tara’s current territory. Choti Tara is currently radio-collared and has 3 cubs. This area again is closest to the Khutwanda & Kolara gate of the Moharli zone.

3. Telia lake and around is currently dominated by Sonam & her cubs. This area has quick access from the Moharli gate via the old metal road inside the park.


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