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NEEL: A Solo Exhibition of Mixed Media Paintings by Nanaki Singh

Mixed Media Paintings

Nanaki Singh’s solo exhibition of mixed media paintings organised by India International Centre will be on view from 19 April till 25 April 2023 at Art Gallery, IIC Annexe.

Nanaki Singh is an experimental visual artist. Influenced by her everyday surroundings, domestic pleasures, and ordinary objects, the essence of her work lies in investigating colour, perception and memory. This journey guides her to her most inner-thoughts. She implements cyanotype photography as a starting point or blueprint for her work. Infusing painting, cyanotype and screen printing as cathartic mediums of expression.

Nanaki carves out a serious dialogue between cyanotype and painting. Line, impressions, textures, shapes sculpt a new language between light and colour. What starts to form is a sort of interdependence between two mediums. Taking cues from the print she further involves colour theory and narrative to form structure. Different palettes, lighter and darker hues, complimentary and contrasting colours, give an entirely new experience to the process. Through these limitations, a new found principle adds dimension, transformation and depth.


Shifting compositions back and forth from geometric to fluid. Using functional objects around her grandmother’s house as tools for printing – like the gardeners hose pipe, dustbin cubicle, cleaning mop, chair, etc. Collecting bubble wrap, cardboard, recycled paper, and thermocol as an evening ritual from the day’s delivery. Pausing to find the right apparatus, pushes her into interrogating materiality. Nanaki’s sight is dimmed in the dark room, challenging her to be more intuitive. Picking up on subtle energies, there is an acute awareness, a letting go and total trust in the process. From the void appears a contradiction of shapes that fit together like building blocks. Cyan or blue brings coolness and companionship. From an overly strict and limited process of painting to a fun, unplanned action with printing. Blue, cyan, azure has helped sharpen her awareness for all colours, not just neel.

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