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June 5, 2023
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Andhra Pradesh’s Beauty in Diversity

Andhra Pradesh’s Beauty in Diversity

Travelogue by Dr Himanshu Talwar

Andhra Pradesh, the southern state of India, is blessed with the beautiful Krishna and Godavari rivers, and has the longest coastline of 925km in the nation. Widely regarded as the Kohinoor of India, Andhra Pradesh is a place of unending surprises thanks to its diverse animals, rich history, vibrant culture, and breath-taking architecture. Andhra Pradesh exhibits a magnificent fusion of cultures against a vibrant natural setting. The state, which boasts a legacy of Buddha Period greatness, is home to several heritage sites that are draped with pure splendour, including forts, citadels, and architectural marvels created by the former Royal hegemony and its noble Emperors. One can enjoy to their heart’s content the beauty of Andhra Pradesh through its mighty dams, calm lake waters, whirling beach waves, meadows, caverns, virgin forests, sanctuaries, national parks, etc.

Here’s a list of places one must visit in Andhra Pradesh:

  • Tirupati, Situated in the heart of Andhra Pradesh, Visakhapatnam is one of the oldest port cities in the country. The city is renowned for its gorgeous beaches, calm environment, and rich cultural history. Vizag is dotted with many beaches along its long coastline. The most well-known beach in Vizag is Yarada Beach, which is enclosed by the Bay of Bengal on one side and majestic hills on the other three.

A popular attraction located near Visakhapatnam, Araku Valley is located at a height of 910 metres above sea level. Araku Valley is a hill station full of raging waterfalls, clean streams, lush vegetation, and some steep hiking trails. Nestled amidst the Ananthagiri Hills in Araku Valley, the Borra Caves are made entirely of natural karstic limestone and are kaleidoscopic in nature. The beauty of the region is enhanced by the gushing Katiki Waterfalls, a 50-foot-tall cascade with crystal-clear water that is totally encircled by the valley’s rich vegetation.

  • Tirupati, located in Andhra Pradesh’s Chittoor district, is infamous for housing the Lord Venkateshwara Temple. It is regarded as one of the most-visited and valuable pilgrimage sites in the world. Tirupati is also known for numerous other prestigious temples, such as the ISKCON temple, the Kondandarama Temple, the Sri Govindarajaswami Temple, the Sri Kalahasti Temple, etc.

The Tirumala Hills in Tirupati are home to the highest waterfall in the state, Talakona, as well as a variety of rare flora and fauna. Tirupati is also blessed with a peculiar geological structure called Silathoranam, a natural arch. The second-largest zoo in Asia, the unique Tirupati zoo shelters many species, including big cats.

  • Amaravathi, known as the capital of Andhra Pradesh, is a planned community on the banks of the Krishna River. Amaravati Mahachaitya, a semi-hemispherical building housing Buddhist treasures that is frequently referred to as the Abode of God, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Amaravathi. With a towering height of 125 feet, the Dhyana Buddha Statue is one of the highest in India. This gigantic statue of Lord Buddha in a resting position on top of a lotus is another one of the top attractions in Amaravathi. Besides, there is also the magnificent Amareswara Temple devoted to Lord Shiva and the archaeological Amaravati Museum that one can visit in Amaravathi.
  • The city of Vijayawada, surrounded by hills and canals, is tucked away on the banks of the river Krishna. Vijayawada is where you’ll find various caves and temples made of rock. Undavalli Caves are one of the most popular tourist destinations in Vijayawada. These enormous caves are monolithic structures carved out of huge sandstone. The largest and most well-known cave contains a sizable sculpture of Lord Vishnu lying down made from a single rock. Some other well-known attractions in Vijayawada include Bhavani Island, the Victoria Museum, Hazratbal Mosque, Rajiv Gandhi Park, Kolleru Lake, and as well as neighbouring locations like Kondapalli Fort and Mangalagiri Hill, which are quite popular.

Adorned with pristine beaches, unique caves, gushing waterfalls, and mesmerizing landscapes, Andhra Pradesh showcases nature’s beauty in abundance. The rich cultural legacy of the state is also brought alive with its enchanting temples and Buddhist culture, as well as alluring Carnatic music and Kuchipudi dance forms. Andhra Pradesh is so diverse. It offers the best of both worlds, from adventure and scenic beauty to culture and history. It is worth a visit!

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