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The Knock


Meenakshi’s work looks beyond the ordinary and the mundane, giving the onlooker glimpses into what may lie just beyond what the eye perceives. It’s her expression of ideas and emotions through a physical medium. A self taught Artist, Meenakshi started painting eighteen years ago and she paints with different mediums on canvas.

Meenakshi asserts……

Blank canvases urge my creativity to flow, throwing up pictures that translate my experiences into new expressions. Painting  for me is liberating and meditative at a same time transporting me into worlds where my imagination takes over.  There is an influence of both realistic and contemporary in my work. The joyous melange of colours in my painting are a blend of creativity and ecstasy that speaks about me. Textures carefully done with playfull brush strokes enrich and add energy to my paintings. These textures and intense colours create a sense of happiness speaking the unspoken in their silence.

A vibrant and vivacious individual, with a keen sense of observation, and a quick rapport building ability. A sublime artist stroking free mental expressions that are vivid, varied and vitalising. They touch you inner recesses and help you resonate with your unique inspiration.

Masters in English literature and Bachelors in Education, Meenakshi spent twenty five years teaching little children and distinguished herself always being happy and willing to play with them. On examining her art there is the same joyousness & exuberance in the rich colours and the magnificent scale. We are spell bound by the spectacle, the aesthetics, the fine detail. Meenakshi has clearly evolved: her experience of working with vulnerable children shows in the sensitivity with which she paints.

Series – THE KNOCK

In these experiences on canvas, I speak of hope using “Door” as a metaphor- whether it is an open door that beckons, or a window to a world beyond. This series is a dialogue on positivity dreams and opportunities. A dialogue of life and living. The theme brings out diverse artistic interpretations of a local space which represent not the outer appearance of things but their inword significance. From the Whimsical and mysterious to real and down to earth, my paintings in this series take on flights of fancy and transport us to a world at once real and mysterious! The canvases speak to us in multitudinous voices.

The abandonment and sense of loneliness pulsating through the LOST HAMLET finds a strange counter part in the DANCING LADIES where the merriment and laughter seeps through the frame. THE BLUSH invites us to a celebratory townscape and MY WHIMSY is just a reflection of the sense of fun as I paint with a deft touch to create an image which is really my whimsy!!

She is no stranger to accolades – she has won many awards and recently featured in coffee table Art Book of global artists.

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