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Saudi Music Commission Arranges ‘Marvels of Saudi Music’ Concert with The Saudi National Orchestra and Choir in Mexico City

'Marvels of Saudi Music'

Following a successful inaugural concert in Paris last year, the Saudi Music Commission arranged a second edition of ‘Marvels of Saudi Music’ to celebrate musical collaboration between nations

The concert featured the Saudi National Orchestra and Choir, as well as the Saudi Performing Arts Ensemble, performing alongside the Mexican Carlos Chavez Orchestra and the Fulcorette de Amelia Ensemble

‘Marvels of Saudi Music’ was held at the National Auditorium in Mexico City on June 13, 2023

The Saudi National Orchestra and Choir, together with the Mexican Carlos Chavez Orchestra and the Fulcorette de Amelia Ensemble performed in Mexico City, at the ‘Marvels of Saudi Music’ concert organised by the Saudi Music Commission and the Saudi Theater and Performing Arts Commission. Taking place at the National Auditorium on June 13, 2023, the concert facilitated cultural exchange between the two countries through the universal language of music.

The ‘Marvels of Saudi Music’ concert showcased Saudi talent, providing a platform for creatives to network and celebrating the diverse scene of Saudi music, both modern and traditional. This concert followed the successful first edition, held at Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris last year, where the Saudi National Music Band and Choir performed with the French Philharmonique Orchestra (The Orchestre Philharmonique).  ​ 

The concert included the participation of the Mexican Carlos Chavez Orchestra and the Fulcorette de Amelia Ensemble, along with 30 musicians and 40 choristers from the Saudi National Orchestra and Choir. The orchestras gave a joint musical performance by playing and singing a medley of Saudi songs. There were also separate performances where the Saudi National Orchestra and Choir accompanied various traditional folk dances, such as Al-Khabeiti, Al-Samari, and others.​ 

Saudi Arabia and Mexico have rich traditions of music and folklore deeply rooted in the respective cultures of each nation. From traditional instruments to unique musical styles and dances, both countries have a wealth of cultural expressions that reflect their heritage and history. Collaborative performances showcasing the fusion of musical influences and traditions, as presented at ‘Marvels of Saudi Music’ concert, serve as bridges between cultures, creating opportunities for artistic exchange and appreciation.   

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