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December 11, 2023
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International Yoga Day Special: Frankfurt City’s Top Yoga Studios

Frankfurt City’s Top Yoga Studios

As the world celebrates International Yoga Day here are some places in Frankfurt city which put health and wellness in the forefront through yoga:

Ashtanga Yoga Room Frankfurt:

Ashtanga Yoga Studio on Ingolstädter Street in Frankfurt’s beautiful Nordend. Conveniently located, this former kindergarten has been lovingly converted into a spacious Yoga Studio.

The studio is flooded with light and welcomes you with a warm-hearted energy. The rooms invite you not only for its Ashtanga yoga classes, but also for ‘meet-n-tea’ experiences. They have also made rooms and overnight accommodation available!

Chris Oputam CEO, Studio 24
Chris Oputam CEO, Studio 24, Frankfurt, Germany

Chris who owns the studio explains, ‘In my studio, I and my team teach the students the essence of the Ashtanga yoga system. Fundamental to this is the fusion of the asanas (postures), bandhas (energy closures) and drishtis (gaze focusing), also called tristana. I also give an insight into the other seven paths of Ashtanga Yoga.’

Inside Yoga

Inside Yoga in Frankfurt has a yoga studio a yoga academy and is a self-proclaimed oasis of well-being. Inside Yoga boasts of being a progressive type of yoga based on the current state of science which is designed for modern people.

This world-wide established brand leaves behind the traditional approach of chanting mantras and OM and takes on a more scientifically backed approach that is updated according to the lifestyle changes of people throughout the years. Apart from providing online and offline yoga classes for beginners and advanced pupils, they also have something called as inside flow training. Inside flow is a modern, moving choreographed execution of the of the traditional Asanas to the music.

From 21st to 24th June they have special offers on personal training cards, yoga trail cards for beginners, annual memberships etc.

https://www.insideyoga.de/?loxi_pathname= %2Flist%2Ffuture%2F1

Lotusblume Yoga & Ayurveda

In the Lotusblume yoga studio in the heart of Frankfurt, what belongs together comes together: Yoga and Ayurveda. The two owners, Claudia Dahnelt and Katrin Lauer, rely on these healing teachings to bring people into balance and harmony.

Claudia Dahnelt, Yoga studio, Frankfurt, Germany
Claudia Dahnelt, Yoga studio, Frankfurt, Germany

They believe that Ayurveda forms the framework for yoga and meditation through the knowledge of good nutrition and the recommendations for daily routine and hygiene.

Lotusblume Yoga & Ayurveda, Frankfurt is a member of the BYV professional association of Yoga Vidya teachers and the BDY professional association of yoga teachers in Germany.


Balance Yoga

Katrin Lauer, Yoga & Ayurveda, Yoga studio, Frankfurt, Germany
Katrin Lauer, Yoga & Ayurveda, Yoga studio, Frankfurt, Germany

With four course studios, online yoga courses, a yoga teacher academy, a vegan deli concept, online shop and much more, Balance Yoga is one of the highest rated yoga providers in Germany.

Balance Yoga offers 8 types of yoga as well as Pilates and Barre for advanced pupils as well as beginners, children, mothers during pregnancy and post birth.

For those who prefer individual attention, they also offer personal training and much more! They also do wellness retreats to exciting places outside of Frankfurt in hotels witch scenic views and

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