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December 10, 2023

Kerala Hotels Grow their Online Bookings by 80% Using STAAH Technology

Span International

STAAH’s Channel Manage and Booking Engine solutions prove game changers for properties in Kerala; Online bookings for Fog Munnar Resort & Spa is up by 40-50%; Krishnavalsam Regency’s online bookings is up by 50%; and Hotel Span International clocks 80% in direct online bookings.

Kerala, God’s own country, sees visitors from around the world all year round, making it imperative for its hotels to meet the constant demand head on and manage their bookings seamlessly. STAAH, the New Zealand-based hospitality solutions provider, has enabled the hotels in the state to increase their online bookings by upto 80% with advanced distribution technology solutions such as; the Channel Manager and Booking Engine.

Hotel Span International (Cochin), a 4-star business hotel with an inventory of 37 rooms deployed STAAH’s Channel Manager in 2018, resulting in an impressive 80% surge in direct online bookings. “STAAH has transformed our booking management process, improved efficiency, reduced errors, and optimized our pricing strategy,” said Jinto Chacko, General Manager, Span International.

Praveen Menon, General Manager, The Fog Munnar Resorts & Spa.
Praveen Menon, General Manager, The Fog Munnar Resorts & Spa.

The Fog Munnar Resort is a top-notch environment-friendly resort with an inventory of 40 rooms. The hotel struggled with overbooking during peak seasons and rate disparities leading to errors and irate customers. “Managing multiple online distribution channels was becoming an intimidating task and STAAH helped us manage it all seamlessly. We were easily able to connect all our booking channels including OTAs and direct booking websites through a single interface. Our bookings are up by 40-50%,” said Praveen Menon, General Manager, The Fog Munnar Resorts & Spa.

The Krishnavalsam Regency, located in close proximity to the renowned Guruvayoor temple, offers 40 rooms. Using STAAH’s Channel Manager and Booking Engine, the hotel was able to mark a 40% increase in direct website bookings. “STAAH’s seamless integration and real-time updates has helped us manage our online distribution effortlessly. We are able to optimize our pricing strategies and track key metrics accurately,” said Binu Nair, General Manager, Krishnavalsam Regency.

The Misty Range Resorts located in the verdant misty hills of Marayoor is spread across three acres and has 10 rooms which it plans to expand to 20 rooms this year. “STAAH has been a game changer for us!” said Prem Kumar, General Manager, Misty Range Resorts.

“STAAH’s success stories in Kerala highlights the potential of robust direct booking system as a potent sales and distribution channel that directly impact the bottom line. Hotels need reliable and innovative technology partners like STAAH to stay relevant in a highly- evolving digital world,” said Shoaib Ali , National Sales Head- India.

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