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April 17, 2024

Mumbai International Airport Welcomes Mitti Café at Terminal 2, Paving the Way for Empowerment & Diversity


The outlet offers a truly Inclusive Experience to travellers at CSMIA

With the unwavering commitment to cultivating an ecosystem of inclusivity, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport’s (CSMIA) unveiled its newest offering Mitti Café, an outlet that embraces diversity and empowers differently abled individuals. The Café is situated at the arrival section of Terminal 2 at Mumbai International Airport. Through this synergy, CSMIA and Mitti Café aims to provide a platform for these remarkable individuals to fearlessly exhibit their talents and abilities.

Mitti Café at CSMIA will be run by a group of 23 differently abled employees who have been specially trained over a period of three months. The employees include persons with physical, intellectual, and psychological disabilities ranging from visual impairment, autism, down syndrome, Asperger’s to paraplegic. The newly launched Mitti Café at CSMIA will serve travellers refreshments such as Sandwiches, Pasta, Samosas along with hot and cold beverages. Customers can order from a special menu card printed in braille and use small placards to communicate with attendants along with sign language menus and placards with basic instructions. The launch of Mitti Café at CSMIA will be the 38th outlet in India

Mitti Café is a recent addition to CSMIA’s ever-growing list of F&B services that focuses on passenger centricity, while contributing to the society with a commitment to empowering differently abled individuals through their pioneering efforts.

CSMIA spokesperson, expressed their enthusiasm for the partnership with Mitti Café, stating,” We are honoured to be partnered with Mitti Café as we embark on this extraordinary journey committed to the cause of employment and livelihoods for people with special needs. CSMIA truly supports this great initiative as it also helps create awareness about disability and inclusion. Being a conscientious organisation, we believe in taking the lead and driving such transformative endeavours. This collaboration further serves as a testament to our shared dedication of fostering an all-embracing atmosphere within the bustling confines of Mumbai International Airport.”3

Alina Alam, Director, Mitti Café
Alina Alam, Director, Mitti Café

Alina Alam, Director of Mitti Café, emphasized the impact of this expansion on individuals with disabilities, as well as the overall community, stating, “We are thrilled to open our newest café at Mumbai International Airport. This endeavour not only creates employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities but also showcases the immense potential and capabilities of this remarkable workforce. We believe in breaking barriers and fostering a society that embraces inclusion,”

Swati Dokania, COO and Director, Mitti Café
Swati Dokania, COO and Director, Mitti Café

Swati Dokania, COO and Director of Mitti Café added, “The launch of our café at CSMIA represents another step forward in our journey towards creating an inclusive society. Our collaboration is a testament to the power of partnerships in driving social change. We are grateful for their support in helping us provide individuals with disabilities the chance to showcase their skills and talents.”

Mitti cafe launch at CSMIA is yet another instance of the airport’s efforts to build resilient communities and create collaborative partnerships. The collaboration aligns with CSMIA’s vision of creating a welcoming environment that celebrates diversity and provides equal opportunities for all.

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