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July 13, 2024

Sayaji Hotel Kolhapur Hosts Flaming Sizzlers’ at the Moon Tree Café

Flaming Sizzlers

Sayaji Hotel Kolhapur proudly presents the much-anticipated Flaming Sizzlers festival, set to take place at the renowned Moon Tree Café from August 11th to August 20th, 2023. The festival promises a delectable range of sizzling creations that will tantalize taste buds throughout the day.

Sizzlers, the one-dish wonders where meats and vegetables sizzle and hiss on a hot metal plate, have captured hearts and palates worldwide. The Flaming Sizzlers Festival will take patrons on a sizzling journey of flavors, where meats and vegetables are cooked to perfection on heated plates, producing that distinctive mouthwatering sizzle.

Dating back to its American roots, the sizzler concept has taken on various forms around the globe. In India, it found its footing in 1963 through the efforts of Firoz Irani, and the tradition has thrived since then.

The festival’s venue, Moon Tree Café, will be adorned with thematic gateways and cut-outs, creating an immersive sizzler-themed atmosphere. Led by a team of culinary experts, the chef-curated menu showcases an array of sizzler delights. Patrons can relish dishes like Grilled Cottage Cheese Sizzler, Crumb Melting Cottage Cheese Sizzler, Wok Tossed Tofu Sizzler, Grilled Mutton Steak Sizzler, Grilled Chicken Breast Sizzler, Barbeque Chicken Sizzler, Sizzling Hot Chocolate Brownie, Choco Lava Sizzler, and more. The festival offers something for everyone, ensuring an unforgettable dining experience.

Flaming Sizzlers Festival is the ideal destination for those seeking a sizzling gastronomic adventure

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