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September 22, 2023

Embark on a Culinary Odyssey at MÉZ: Araiya Hotels & Resorts Unveils the Richness of Indo Coastal Cuisine in Malta

Araiya Hotels & Resorts

Araiya Hotels and Resorts launches their third international restaurant- MÉZ, a captivating culinary destination situated at the enchanting Spinola Bay in Malta. The space invites you to set sail on an epicurean journey inspired by the historical maritime routes of the Indian Ocean world. Paying homage to the fusion of flavors that shaped the world’s cuisine, MÉZ presents an exquisite exploration of Indo Coastal Cuisine, where spices and diversity intertwine.

Vanessa Filix · Chef, De Partie, Iniala Harbour House & Residences

The restaurant has roped-in Chef Vanessa Filix, who brings a wealth of culinary expertise with a career spanning esteemed establishments, currently serving the Kitchen Coordinator & Chef de Partie at Ion Harbour By Simon Rogan in Malta. Collaborating with local farmers, Chef Vanessa ensures the celebration of Maltese produce, and her adept menu management guarantees consistency. Her prior roles include, Junior Sous Chef at Freehouse in Singapore,  Demi Chef at various restaurants like Fat Lulu’s and Mama–San. 

Simon Rogan, Kitchen Coordinator & Chef De Partie, Harbour, Simon Rogan, Malta

Ahead of the multiple success of Naan-Bar, which had won Malta’s Best Restaurant Award in December 2021 & December 2022 by World Culinary Awards, Best Modern Indian Cuisine Restaurant – Malta Award in February 2022 by LUXlife Restaurant & Bar Awards, TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Award 2022 and Best Restaurant in Valletta Award In February 2023 by Restaurant Guru led by Chef Arvind Dangwal who is now Head Chef of Chatterbox that launched this summer at the newly renovated Sea View Hotel.

Amruda Nair, Founder and Director, Araiya Hotels and Resorts on launching MÉZ said, “We are extremely excited to open MÉZ whose mission is to honor the gastronomic history by bringing forth a tapestry of flavors that bridge the gap between India and Southeast Asia. MÉZ presents a menu that skilfully blends ingredients and techniques, offering a contemporary interpretation of ancient tastes. Chef Vanessa’s dedication to preserving authenticity while embracing innovation makes her a driving force behind MÉZ’s culinary journey, promising an exquisite fusion of history and flavor for every guest to indulge in. From Southeast Asian rice cakes to Indian coconut milk-based dishes, our menu encapsulates the intricate connections that have shaped our palates”.

MÉZ is a haven for those who seek to rediscover the culinary treasures that link cultures across continents. Rooted in the maritime trading routes of yesteryears, MÉZ celebrates the influences that traversed these oceans, from Rome through the Mediterranean to Africa, India, and beyond. The yearning for spices ultimately led Vasco da Gama to Southeast Asia, and a spice empire emerged, with Goa at its heart.

Nestled in the heart of the charming Mediterranean harbor of St. Julian’s, MÉZ offers a breathtaking panorama of the iconic Spinola Bay. Its terrace provides an al fresco dining experience that perfectly complements the inviting ambiance. With views that encompass both history and nature, MÉZ’s terrace offers seating for up to 70 guests, making it an ideal setting for shared moments and exquisite dining. The restaurant also has a cozy indoor dining area on two levels with a total capacity of approximately 35 guests. The first level accommodates lounge-style seating, while the ground level houses the main dining area, complete with a bar counter serving refreshing beverages to enhance the culinary journey. 

The maritime theme is seamlessly woven into MÉZ’s nautical-inspired interiors, transporting guests to a time when the oceans were a conduit for discovery and exchange. As day turns to night, the allure of MÉZ grows even stronger, with its captivating views transforming into a mesmerizing backdrop for unforgettable moments.

MÉZ is not just a restaurant; it is a voyage that explores the crossroads of history and flavour. For those who seek to savour the past while embracing the present, MÉZ awaits, promising an epicurean expedition that will tantalize the senses and awaken the spirit of adventure.

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