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November 29, 2023
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Artist statement- ‘ANVARAT’


Abstraction is a depiction of an inter-communication of subtle actions arising from the unconscious world contained in consciousness. The entire life of a painter is like a picture which he continues to express in many forms while living his worldly life. This is an expression of emotion which is like an infinite journey in which there is no stoppage anywhere, that is why there is a feeling of immense joy along with deep sympathy, the same feeling as if the soul is having a silent but deep dialogue with a formless God. In becoming something there is a free vision of loss and a search for recovery, with abstraction in the experience of the infinite.

Often I start a painting with a freedom. In this way, by spreading many colors on the canvas, I try to bring it to one color. Many times, before starting work, I do pesto type work to bring texture to it. These textures give me a different experience of creating colors on canvas. I use a knife for this. After spreading it with bright and then dark colors, I start highlighting the textures in it. Both acrylic and oil mediums are suitable for my painting, however currently I am using acrylic colors more. For some time now, my painting has involved mixed media along with canvas and colours. The idea of mixed media came while painting. New experiments have been done with acrylic and water color on canvas, paper, wooden board. I started using pieces of paper on paper, pieces of canvas on canvas, wood on wood in my works as an experiment. In my paintings, I also have to balance the transparency of color with its space, which I place layer by layer from the center of a form. Gradually a composition of many points is prepared. While texture in paintings is the strongest point, the group of dots is a symbol of humility, of unity. The zig-zag lines in all these give me a feeling of continuity along with energy. I have composed abstract forms in my paintings over the past 20 years. My solo exhibition ‘Anvarat’ is a continuation of losing and being in my work which is a feeling of infinite joy in abstract shapes.

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