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Experiences that Jammu Offers to Every Kind of Traveller


The culturally rich, topographically diverse and naturally stunning Jammu offers a variety of experiences for all kinds of travelers, be it the adventure junkies, the nature lovers, the foodies or the history buffs.

This gem is a paradise with its unfiltered views of the majestic Pir Panjal range, its natural bounty of lush green hills alive with a variety of flora and fauna, its ancient temples, its local handicrafts and delectable cuisines. At the heart of Jammu lies a small, pretty hill station called Patnitop nestled amidst picturesque meadows and surrounded by pristine mountains, that will make your visit all the more special.

Here are five experiences in Jammu that deserve a spot on the itinerary of your next visit:

For the history and heritage buffs

Since the 2nd century AD, Jammu has built a rich heritage that has enriched its economic, cultural, architectural and social history. Some of its ancient structures like the Amar Mahal Castle, that is built like a French Chateau on a hill overlooking the river Tawi continue to attract travellers for the view it offers and for its architectural excellence. The palace is now converted into a museum making it ideal for a visit by both history buffs and architects! The Bahu Fort, built around 3,000 years ago, is another structure worth a visit. It houses a temple dedicated to the presiding deity of Jammu – Goddess Kali.The Vaishno Devi temple and the Raghunath Temple draw hordes of pilgrims to the region throughout the year.

For lovers of nature and crisp, mountain air

Patnitop is a dream destination for those who love to be surrounded by nature’s bounty! From taking long walks along unexplored mountain trails to trekking, skiing during winter, camping, paragliding, or taking a dip in its natural hot springs, Patnitop is a haven for nature lovers. When here, visit the Skyview by Empyrean property spread across 22 acres that perfectly blends premium hospitality, adventure, nature and luxury! A ride aboard the Skyview Gondola also known as India’s first ‘green gondola’ is a must-do, so add it to your itinerary. This is one of the highest CEN-certified gondolas in Asia covering 2.8 km in flat 10 minutes! A gliding, ariel view of Patnitop on this ropeway will make you appreciate its natural beauty even more.

For families and big groups celebrating festivals or occasions

Jammu’s rich and diverse cultural history makes it a very vibrant and colourful destination to celebrate festivals or occasions with family and friends. These gatherings showcase some of Jammu’s best local cuisines, culture and handicrafts. The Bahu Mela is celebrated twice a year from March to April and from September to October at the Bahu Fort that is lit up to perfection for the occasion. The Jhiri Mela is celebrated in October and November brings together farmers of the region to honour the farmer Jitu Baba, who laid down his life for his fellow men. The three-day Purmandal Mela festival is held during Shivratri.

Navratra Festival in Jammu region is famous for its celebration in Katra, the base camp of Shri Mata Vaishno Devi. Though the yatra to the shrine of Mata Vaishno Devi is a round-the-year event, the one undertaken during the Navratras is considered the most auspicious. A large number of tourists pay their obeisance to the deity during this period.The festival is celebrated twice in a year- during the Sharadiya Navratri, Chaitra Navratri

For the Foodies

Jammu offers a variety of cuisines inspired by its multicultural legacy making it a much sought-after destination for the foodies. Here, you can relish the customary local Dogra cuisine that includes the famous Kashmiri Pulao (it’s a Kashmiri dish), Khatta Meat, the much-loved sweet Patisa or the Kalaadi, a processed cheese prepared only in the region.

The other traditional dishes that are a must-try in Jammu Region are Morel (Gushi) Palov, Madra (lintel cooked in curd), Oria (Potato/Pumpkin in mustard sauce), Maani, Khameera, Katha Meat (Sour Mutton), Shasha(raw mango chatni), Kasrod and Timru-di-Chatni,Shiri Pulav, and Mitha Bhat (Sweet Rice) among others.

For desserts, Jammu offers dishes like Chocolate Barfi, Sund Panjeeri, Patisa for food lovers You cannot overlook the street food of Jammu comprising Gol Gappas, Kachaalo, Gulgule, and Rajma Kulche.

In Jammu, every kind of traveller will find their sweet spot, so make sure you do your research well in time before you head to the region and make your bookings so you don’t miss out on any of the unique experiences the region offers.

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