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December 12, 2023

The Religious Tourism Destination Network Presented

Religious Tourism

After its presentation to authorities, destinations and the international tourism industry, the holding of an international meeting will be evaluated

The Religious Tourism Destination Network was also presented at the last Buenos Aires Tourism Fair on October 1

After the presentation of the Religious Tourism Destination Network last Sunday, October 1 within the framework of the International Tourism Fair (FIT), in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Argentina, today, October 9, the presentation was made before a hundred media outlets, international tourist destinations, etc., via videoconference from several international tourist destinations simultaneously.

With the purpose of strengthening and promoting religious tourism globally, the ” Religious Tourism Destinations Network ” has been officially presented. This pioneering project seeks to integrate the most emblematic religious tourism destinations in the world, offering travelers a unique experience enriched by spirituality, culture and history.

This presentation was given by the president of Tourism and Society Think Tank, Antonio Santos del Valle; the vice president of the TSTT and CEO of the communication company LatanOne Fullagency , Juan Maqueda; Prof. Santiago Cano, director of the Empres International Tourism Fair (FIT)olic, Jewish and Islamic destinations with headquarters in Europe, and representatives of the tourism industry of countries Arabs, Latin America and representatives of the Orthodox Church. During the event, the main advantages of being part of this Network were highlighted:

The initiative arises in response to the growing demand for travel experiences that not only seek recreation, but also spiritual connection and getting closer to the cultural roots of different communities. Religious tourism, with its ability to merge faith, art and history, is positioned as one of the main trends in the tourism industry.

It was highlighted that the destinations that make up the Network will benefit from joint promotional campaigns, multiplying reach and visibility, and participants will be able to share their best practices, learnings and strategies to improve the visitor experience.

Likewise, it was stated that the pillars of the Network are sustainable tourism, guaranteeing that each destination is preserved for future generations, while training programs will be offered for local communities, ensuring quality service to visitors and generating employment opportunities.

Antonio Santos stated that a continuous evaluation process will be established to guarantee that destinations maintain quality standards, as well as review criteria that reflect current events or changes in the circumstances or expectations of visitors.

In this sense, transparency will be guaranteed throughout the evaluation and certification process, ensuring that the committee operates ethically, avoiding conflicts of interest and maintaining impartiality in its decisions.

Those present expressed that effective promotion of the Network and the distinctive Seal will help increase awareness and interest in certified religious tourism destinations, attracting a steady stream of visitors seeking authentic and meaningful experiences related to religion and spirituality.

In reference to the benefits that the network can bring, it is highlighted that innovation in religious tourism destinations can attract a broader and more diverse audience, increase visitor satisfaction, and contribute to the sustainable growth of top-level religious destinations. Adapting to new technologies and cultural trends is essential to maintaining relevance in the religious tourism industry. Travelers and religious tourism enthusiasts will be able to access a digital platform, still in development, where detailed information about each destination, recommended itineraries, events, and much more will be offered

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