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February 29, 2024
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Stars Align for Adventure: Skyscanner’s Travel Destination Reveals Your Ideal Travel Destination

Skyscanner's Astrology Survey

Skyscanner India’s newly launched report explores how the stars affect traveller behaviour in the country

As another year comes to a close, India gazes towards the stars for inspiration. In a recent report unveiled by Skyscanner, the global travel marketplace, it’s revealed that a striking 88% of the nation places their faith in astrology to guide them through life, helping them make important decisions including,travel.

Anisha Arora, Astrologer

Indian travellers love food and Skyscanner’s recent Travel Trends Report for 2024 revealed that over 70% of people are guided by their taste buds. Aquarians are the foodies who lead the way with over 93% of them being inclined towards travelling to a location solely for its cuisine. Astrologer Anisha Arora also says that Aquarians are known for their impeccable taste in food and Skyscanner suggests that they pair up with Sagittarius, as 82% of them are adventurous with their food choices and are willing to travel to offbeat locations to discover uncommon cuisines.

Apart from travelling for food, Skyscanner’s Travel Trends 2024 report also observed that more than half of Indian travellers hone in on their cultural calling when it comes to travel, basing their holiday plans on popular films and fashion trends. Over 55% of Capricorns are made for the red carpet, opting to travel to locations featured in their favourite films or shows – Arora suggests they consult with their Pisces counterparts who are known to love movies while choosing their next location! On the other hand, Sagittarians are showing off their sartorial skills; 74% of them take looks from the fashion runway to the flight runway for their trips.

When it comes to traveller psyche, Skyscanner found that Virgos are the kings of structure, with over half of them (50%) preferring to have well-structured itineraries with planned activities and some free time. Skyscanner also explored how anxiety affects travellers and found that over 48% of Scorpios feel increased anxiety while flying.

Other key survey findings:

  • Finding Love on Location: Skyscanner found that 53% of Indians travel in the pursuit of love, playing cupid, the global marketplace for travel suggests that Capricorns, Libras and Aries should find each other on these expeditions as more than half of them are travelling to find their future partners.
  • Beach Babies: Skyscanner found that over 55% of Indians actively seek out adventures while travelling. Leos, Capricorns and Scorpios are the true aquaholics with over 55% preferring to spend their holidays by the bay.

Mumbai – Goa at INR 5,857

Mumbai – Port Blair at INR 53,832

Mumbai – Malé at INR 17,739

  • Red Eye Chasers: When it comes to travel timings, Cancerians are known to be early risers, with more than half of them (57%) preferring to catch a flight between 12 AM – 6 AM. Lucky for them, catching the red eye usually results in reduced prices. Adjust the ‘departure times’ slider in the search filter to search for flights during less in-demand timings!

Mohit Joshi, Skyscanner’s Travel Trends and Destination Expert, notes, “Skyscanner’s recent survey unveils the intriguing ways in which astrology influences travel behaviour among Indian travellers. As we wrap up another year, it’s interesting to observe the multifaceted factors shaping Indian travel choices. The revelation that a substantial 88% of the nation turns to astrology for life decisions, including travel, underscores the popularity of wanderlust in India’s diverse culture. Whether you’re travelling for food, music, views or monuments, Skyscanner remains committed to empowering travellers to explore the world within their means, offering tools like the ‘Everywhere’ search feature to make global exploration accessible and budget-friendly.”

Astrologer Anisha Arora adds “When it comes to Zodiacs and their travel preferences, individuals are looking to travel for rejuvenation, spirituality, evolution, and becoming better versions of themselves. In these transformational times, the earth elements, fire, air, and water elements are looking to travel more to places closer to water or spiritual destinations. When it comes to travelling according to their zodiacs, travellers, apart from their traits, should also consider favourable times to travel according to their star signs.”

With holiday season approaching, Mohit recommends the following hacks that can help bag a bargain quickly:

  • Consider opting for red-eye flights as a savvy travel strategy. These flights, either exceptionally early or late, often come with more budget-friendly price tags due to reduced demand. Embrace the opportunity to rise early or stay up late for your vacation and relish the added perk of arriving at your destination in the morning, maximizing your day from the get-go!
  • The ‘Whole Month’ search tool lets you see cheap flights immediately and pick the right deal. Consider travelling a day before or a day after your original departure dates, flying on less popular days of the week is always cheaper.
  • Another money-saving strategy is considering nearby airports. When flights to your desired destination prove costly, neighboring cities might present more wallet-friendly airfare options. Opt for this approach and enhance your travel experience with a scenic drive to your final destination.

Skyscanner’s Astrology Report draws on its research with OnePoll and analyses survey data from 1,000 travellers in India.

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