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April 21, 2024

The Vitskamat Group Launches Kamat’s Legacy Nariman Point Outlet in Mumbai

Kamat's Legacy Nariman Point

Kamat’s Legacy, a restaurant franchise owned by Kamat’s Restaurants, proudly unveils its latest venture in the heart of Mumbai, at Nariman Point. The inauguration ceremony, graced by the visionary Founder, Dr. Vikram Kamat, promises to be a momentous occasion for both the brand and its patrons. The restaurant not only introduces a tantalizing new menu but invites patrons on a journey to experience the warmth and authenticity of a South Indian home.

From the aroma of freshly ground spices to the traditional flavors that define the region, every dish at Kamat’s Legacy is a tribute to the culinary heritage of South India. Committed to delivering excellence, Kamat’s Legacy uses only the finest quality ingredients, with a focus on healthy alternatives like white butter and ghee, reflecting the brand’s dedication to providing an experience that nourishes both the body and soul.

Dr. Kamat, while addressing the launch event, emphasized the significant role that the hotel, tourism, and hospitality sectors play in generating large-scale employment opportunities. Drawing attention to the potential growth in these sectors, he expressed optimism about the impact of such attention from the government. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Vikram Kamat stated, “This second ‘Kamat’s Legacy’ restaurant in Mumbai at Nariman Point is a testament to the positive response received after the inauguration of the first one in Bhandup. We aim to set up seven to ten restaurants in Mumbai and four to five in Pune within the next year.”

Dr. Vikram Kamat at the Launch of Kamats Legacy Restaurant

Highlighting the unique offerings of the restaurant, he encouraged patrons to savor the special South Indian delicacies available at Kamat’s Legacy. Dr. Kamat also shed light on the employment opportunities within the sector, pointing out that there are still 30 to 50 percent vacancies, emphasizing the need for skilled individuals. He stressed the importance of initiatives like ‘Skill India’ to attract and train talented youth for the industry.

Dr. Vikram Kamat making his own filter coffee at Kamats Legacy Restaurant

Addressing the larger perspective, Dr. Kamat urged the government to focus on solving sector-specific challenges, taking decisive steps for growth. He mentioned that the hotel, tourism, and hospitality sector contribute ten percent to the GDP and emphasized the need for concerted efforts to address its issues.

Dr. Kamat shared insights into Kamat Hospitality Academy of Skills, which offers an ‘Earn and Learn’ scheme for 120 children and scholarships for class 12th education. He also extended an invitation to students who drop out of mainstream education, encouraging them to join the institution for business education opportunities. With these words, Dr. Vikram Kamat envisions a brighter future for the industry, marked by growth, employment, and educational opportunities.

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