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Love Takes Flight: Skyscanner’s Guide for Valentines Based on Zodiac Signs

Valentines Based on Zodiac Signs

This Valentine’s Day, make your date night extra special by whisking away your partner for a romantic rendezvous with Skyscanner

It’s no secret that zodiac signs play a significant role in people’s personalities and preferences, influencing everything from their fashion choices to their culinary cravings. Indians are no different, as for centuries, they have looked to the stars for guidance, weaving their cosmic wisdom into every aspect of life, especially when it comes to love. And with Valentine’s Day approaching, what better way to celebrate than following the whispers of the zodiac for an unforgettable experience with your partner?

Skyscanner’s recent Astrology Survey unveils that a staggering 88% of Indians believe in their star signs for any major life decision, including how their travel adventures pan out. Unlocking key travel desires and behaviours of various astrology signs, these findings are all you need to start planning your Valentine’s Day trip!

Simply put, follow the stars. Whether it’s your Aquarian partner insisting on going to a Michelin Star restaurant or a Sagittarian simply consumed by their Milan fever, there is an ideal location for everyone. Check out this fool-proof list of destinations sure to make your time with your partner memorable:   

  1. Aquarius- Food all the way!

Location: Lucknow

Findings of the survey revealed that Aquarians are the foodies who lead the way in culinary tourism with over 93% being more inclined towards travelling to a location solely for its cuisine. Astrologer Anisha Arora says that Aquarians are culinary chameleons. They love to explore new cuisines and cook, surprising partners with global flavors and keep things exciting, and are always up for the next food-tastic adventure!

Thus, Lucknow with its juicy kebabs and Awadhi cuisine certainly becomes the ideal location for them. Each kebab is crafted with care and flavour until you put it in your mouth, where it melts instantly, leaving behind a symphony of flavours that beckons you back to this city, again and again. Try the famous galouti kebabs, kulcha nihari and end your meal with a malai paan. Trust us, your partner is going to remember this treat and if you’re lucky, maybe recreate it for you too!

Use Skyscanner’s Whole Month tool to figure out the cheapest time in a month to travel to Lucknow and book your tickets now.

Delhi to Lucknow starts at Rs. 3,189 [1]

Mumbai to Lucknow starts at Rs. 9,737[2]

Bangalore to Lucknow starts at Rs. 8,832[3]

  • Capricorn- Mov(i)e it along!

Location: Kashmir

With a penchant for all things beautiful, Capricorns are explorers at heart, always on the lookout for the next scenic journey, according to Anisha. And what better place to look for inspiration than the reel life? Skyscanner’s Astrology survey revealed that 55% of Capricorns are made for the red carpet, opting to travel to locations featured in their favourite films or shows. Kashmir with its scenic shikara boat rides, snow-capped mountains and galloping horses is as Bollywood as it gets!

Here’s your chance to enjoy a cosy winter break with your partner, up in the mountains – and if you’re worried how to have this couple-cation without breaking the bank, read on.

Skyscanner’s Cheapest month tool shows you the best month in the year to travel to your desired location and lo, behold- February is truly the cheapest month for you to travel to Kashmir.

Delhi to Srinagar starts at Rs. 11,826 [4]

Mumbai to Srinagar starts at Rs. 10,061[5]

Bangalore to Srinagar starts at Rs. 21,190[6]

  • Leo: Beach bums

Location: Goa

Astrologer Anisha Arora says that Leos bring their vibrant energy wherever they travel, including to the beachy towns. Skyscanner found that over 55% Leos prefer to spend their holidays by the bay, lounging on a beach chair. Goa offers you breath-taking sunsets, lazy days at the beaches, mouth-watering seafood and the best parties in the country. Steal a slow walk along the beach, late at night as the water gently brushes your feet and then head out for an exciting party. Trust us, your Leo lover will cherish it.

Use Skyscanner’s Mix & Match tool to toggle between the Goa airports and you can score the best deal for yourself! What this tool means is that if you look at flying out with one airline and back with another, or out of one airport and back into another, this can save your money, thereby reducing your travel cost.

Delhi to Goa starts at Rs. 3,427[7]

Mumbai to Goa starts at Rs. 4,100[8]

Bangalore to Goa starts at Rs. 3,105[9]

  • Sagittarius: Fashion runway to flights runaway

Location: Mumbai

Mumbai is the holy grail for fashion lovers and what better place to take your sartorial Sagittarius partner than to India’s fashion capital? The very many fashion houses, high-end brand stores and even the Colaba causeway market are perfect to keep your partner hooked.

Skyscanner reports that 74% of Sagittarians take looks from the fashion runway to the flight runway for their trips. After all, when they’re guided by the stars themselves, who are we to say anything?

Use Skyscanner’s Price Alert tool to ensure you get notified of the any price changes so you can book your ticket when it is at its lowest price and make this Valentine’s month extra memorable.

Delhi to Mumbai starts at Rs. 4,525[10]

Bangalore to Mumbai starts at Rs. 3,159[11]

  • Scorpio: Water Babies

Location: Pondicherry

55% of Scorpios love staying by the water on their ideal vacations and if your partner is one of them, then it is time for you to go on a water-cation with your valentine! Explore this quaint little French town in Tamil Nadu with your partner. If your partner is a Scorpio, Valentines’ is the perfect time to take a short trip to Pondicherry.

Spend two days lounging around in the Eden beach and Rock beach and then take a ferry to the Paradise beach before sunset. Set aside a day to fully discover everything Auroville has to offer and check out the picturesque cafes in White town on your last day. Oh, and don’t forget the gorgeous delicacies of the bakeries in Pondicherry. Trust us, they will have you coming back for more!

Why not use Skyscanner’s timings filter to select a red eye flight to Pondicherry? Catching a red eye flight is usually great for your bank and if planned well, an overnight flight that lands in the morning, can give you a full day to explore!

Delhi to Pondicherry starts at Rs. 7,786[12]

Mumbai to Pondicherry starts at Rs. 8,082[13]

If you’re looking to travel to Pondicherry from Bengaluru, book an overnight bus or opt for renting a car and take a road trip for the scenic views!

Now, whether you’re lost in a new city or having the time of your life, having your partner by your side makes each moment seem sweeter. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your passport and your valentine’s hand and get ready to embark on a journey written in the stars itself!

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