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MITTAL TEAS: Brewing Excellence in Premium Quality Tea with Visionary Leadership

Premium Quality Tea

Mittal Teas, a distinguished name in the world of specialty Indian teas, stands as a testament to the transformative power of premium quality teas. Taster by Nikita Mittal, the brand has emerged from a simple yet powerful idea – to convert tea drinkers into true tea lovers.

Premium Quality, Distinct Vision

Mittal Teas specializes in curating exceptional tea experiences, focusing on the top 5% teas produced in India. The brand’s core USP lies in its unwavering commitment to sourcing and delivering teas that transcend the ordinary, fostering a vibrant community of tea enthusiasts.

Ambitious Vision for Global Presence

With a visionary outlook, Mittal Teas aims to be present in at least three continents within the next five years, firmly establishing itself as a prominent Indian tea brand on the global stage.

Nikita Mittal: A Journey of Passion and Innovation

Nikita Mittal, the driving force from the 04th generation from Mittal Teas, embarked on this entrepreneurial journey with a unique blend of educational and professional experiences. Originally equipped with a B.Tech degree and no plans to enter the family tea business, fate led her to passionately upgrade the company’s website, ultimately steering her towards blending innovation in tea production processes.

Resilience and Dedication in the Face of Challenges

Challenges are embraced as opportunities by Nikita Mittal, underscoring the importance of appreciating the journey and growth. From humble beginnings in a small rented store to becoming one of the top tea brands specializing in Indian teas, Mittal Teas exemplifies resilience and dedication.

Contributing to Indian Growth

With a commitment to expansion that significantly contributes to generating employment opportunities in India, Nikita Mittal envisions growth that adds substantial value to the nation.

International Recognition and Unique Touches

Mittal Teas recently achieved international recognition by receiving an award at AVPA France 2023 for its outstanding white tea blend. Nikita Mittal’s personal interests in racket sports, inspirational movies, and interior designing add a unique touch to the brand’s story.

Choosing Mittal Teas: Excellence Guaranteed

Mittal Teas stands out for several reasons:

Certified, authentic teas sourced directly from gardens

In-house tea tasters boasting 40+ years of experience

Vendors and educators to leading HoReCa chains in India, including Taj, Oberoi, Lopera, Laduree, Hyatt, and more

Global exports and historic relations with tea estates ensuring the best quality at the best prices

A Call to Pride and Learning

When asked about the brand’s story, Nikita Mittal expresses eagerness to discuss it further, emphasizing the importance of Indians taking pride in homegrown brands. The brand’s ethos centers around prioritizing good products and excellent customer service over profit, a philosophy that has proven successful for Mittal Teas.

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