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May 26, 2024
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Reminiscing Souza: An Iconoclastic Vision Celebrating the Enduring Legacy of F.N. Souza on the Occasion of his Centenary Year

Iconoclastic Vision

Step into the mesmerising world of the maverick F.N. Souza, hailed as the visionary Father of Modern Indian Art whose revolutionary oeuvre continue to break the conventional shackles and inspire many at Reminiscing Souza: An Iconoclastic Vision. Scheduled for April 12, 2024, this milestone event organised by Dhoomimal Gallery, in conjunction with esteemed curator Yashodhara Dalmiya kicks off with a special film screening of ‘F.N. Souza: Father of Modern Indian Art,’ directed by Vinod Bhardwaj and produced by the host art gallery, features a rare glimpse of the legendary artist’s life and work.

Following the screening in New Delhi, the guests are invited to join vernissage of star-studded roster, featuring private collections from Dhoomimal Gallery, Pete Muller, Erica Plate, Vikram Rajadhyaksha, Rohit Singh, Pankaj Sahni, and others, ending with a closing gala.

Souzas art embodies freedom of expression that aims for a society where emotions like anger, resentment, and jealousy are expressed openly. Famously compared Renaissance painters to angels, showcasing human characteristics, this event pays homage to the groundbreaking vision and artistic endeavours of the art genius where attendees get a chance to closely observe the exquisite assortment of his masterpieces.

Join us to immerse yourself in the legendary F.N. Souza’s power of lines and bold use of colour, a testament to his strong influence over art enthusiasts worldwide.

Date – Friday, 12th April 2024

Time – 6:00 PM

Venue – G -42 Connaught Place, New Delhi
A Brief Overview of F.N. Souza

FN Souza is closely associated and represented by Dhoomimal Gallery for over 4 decades. He had exhibitions at the gallery from 1960’s to late 1990’s. As a founding member of the progressive artists group in Bombay, the Modern Indian Art artist broke traditional art boundaries and embraced a new style of thinking and painting, inspiring generations to embrace art as an important medium of expression. Though, his personal art was often criticized for being too personal, it set him apart from his contemporaries. His work, including head, landscape, still life, and figures, reflected his emotions and experiences. His self-portraits, depicting his scars and emotions, and his struggle between ego and acceptance were quite evident in his work. His greatness lied in his power of lines and bold use of color, as well as his use of chemical alterations on paper in the 1960s.

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