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May 21, 2024
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Consumers Scoop Up Ice-Creams on Swiggy as Temperatures Soar

Scoop Up Ice-Creams on Swiggy

A single user from Mumbai has ordered 310 ice-creams in the last 45 days

Swiggy analysis reveals about 80 thousand orders being placed during the 7 am to 11 am morning slot, with Bangalore leading the trend

With the hot summer days sweeping the country, consumers are scooping up ice-creams to cool off. Swiggy, India’s pioneering on-demand convenience platform, provides interesting insights into the nation’s ice cream craze based on ordering trends from March 01 to April 15, 2024.

Let’s break the ice: The nation’s cravings for a frozen treat spiked this summer as Swiggy experienced a 16% increase in demand for ice creams compared to last year.

Choc-a-lot: Chocolate emerged as the undisputed favourite, followed closely by the king of summer – Mango. Other flavors in the top league include tender coconut, almond and the plain ol’ vanilla delight.

City chronicles: Mumbai placed the highest orders of fruit-based ice creams, tender coconut and mango ice creams are the city’s go-to. Meanwhile, Hyderabad was nuts for the nuts overload ice cream.

The 7 pm to midnight slot emerged as the golden hour for ice cream cravings, with over 6.9 lakh orders coming in during this time, followed by 4.6 lakh orders during the afternoon slot (11 am to 4 pm).

Stay cool, Bangalore: In a surprising turn of events, ice cream is now also a breakfast choice. Swiggy analysis reveals about 80 thousand orders being placed during the 7 am to 11 am morning slot, with Bangalore leading the trend.

And when it comes to the debate between a tub or single scoop, the tub won with a whopping 25% increase since last year. Chocolate, mango, tender coconut and Sitaphal are the family favorites.

P.S. It’s healthy: Swiggy witnessed a 70% increase in orders for vegan and guilt-free ice cream options compared to the previous year.

We all scream for ice cream: But a single user from Mumbai placed 141 orders this summer, containing 310 items of ice cream.

Whether you are craving a refreshing mango sorbet or a gulab jamun ice cream; a brownie sundae or a malai kulfi, Swiggy has an assortment of creamy delicacies to choose from. Naturals Ice Cream tops the popularity chart in top metro cities with a high number of orders in Mumbai, Bengaluru, and Hyderabad, while Cream Stone Ice Cream is a favorite in Hyderabad. NIC Ice Creams follows with its wide availability across metro and tier 2 cities.

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