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May 18, 2024

Mumbai’s CSMIA Successfully Completes Runway Maintenance, Ensuring Safe and Smooth Aircraft Operations

Safe and Smooth Aircraft Operations

Both runways are now fully operational for all flight movements starting from 1700hrs

Amidst meticulous pre-monsoon preparations, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) in Mumbai successfully concluded its runway repair and maintenance work today. The maintenance began at 1100hrs and after thorough assessment and evaluation, both runways – RWY 14/32 & 09/27 – are now fully operational for all flight movements starting from 1700hrs. CSMIA is the busiest single runway airport in the world, with over 950 air traffic movements per day. CSMIA’s maintenance efforts prioritize operational efficiency and passenger convenience, with a focus on resilience against Mumbai rains.

Anticipating the challenges posed by Mumbai’s monsoon season, CSMIA conducted multiple runway inspections to prepare for the challenges posed by the monsoon. Various pre-monsoon measures were implemented, including the identification and inspection of waterlogged areas, health checks of runways by both machine and manual observation to detect superficial cracks, disjoints, and texture irregularities. Additionally, close to 5,000 aeronautical ground lights on runways and taxiways were serviced and checked, along with the removal and repainting of 1,300 ground markings providing directional guidance to aircraft.

Furthermore, repair works around the runway, such as segregating electric cables for the primary and secondary runway, minor and major repairs on runway intersections, and complex tasks such as the Geotechnical survey by civil engineers for runway 14/32, were completed. To prevent waterlogging, over 2000 drains and duct banks across the runways were opened, inspected, and cleaned. This ensures the integrity of cables, underground utilities, and the proper functioning of the aeronautical lighting system essential for aircraft navigation. Additionally, associated activities such as grass cutting, chamfering, milling, and filling were also carried out swiftly and efficiently.

CSMIA has meticulously crafted a Monsoon contingency plan in collaboration with stakeholders, ensuring swift responses to inclement weather. This plan enables uninterrupted operations, bolstering confidence for airlines and passengers alike. Through effective coordination with airlines, flights have been successfully rescheduled. CSMIA’s dedication to passenger safety, supported by its infrastructure and operational excellence, remains steadfast year-round.

CSMIA extends its heartfelt gratitude to all its key stakeholders involved in the runway maintenance work and appreciates the cooperation and support of its passengers during the closure. This annual maintenance, part of CSMIA’s robust contingency plan, is essential for ensuring operational continuity and passenger safety, especially during the monsoon season. Through these proactive measures, CSMIA reaffirms its commitment to providing world-class service to airlines operating from Mumbai, ensuring a safe and seamless travel experience for all passengers.

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