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June 19, 2024
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Atlys Takes the Road Less Taken with ‘WeJustCrackedYourNextTrip’ Campaign

Road Less

The visa app, Atlys, uses cracks in the road as inspiration for its latest social media campaign

Picking the right travel destination can be fun and exciting, but it’s not always easy. To assist travelers in making their next vacation choice, Atlys, an online platform for visa applications has launched an innovative social media campaign titled ‘WeJustCrackedYourNextTrip’.

The “WeJustCrackedYourNextTrip” campaign is rooted in a simple yet captivating idea, we often overlook the cracks in everyday life but when we take a moment to notice, they can resemble destinations worth exploring. Through a series of visually captivating social media posts, Atlys showcases how even the smallest details in our surroundings can reveal potential travel inspirations.

Atlys continuously seeks creative ways to connect with its audience. This new campaign inspired by the unique idea of finding travel destinations in road cracks is a testament to their commitment to engaging with customers in relatable and memorable ways.

The idea for the campaign originated when an Atlys employee noticed a puddle inside a crack on the road that resembled the shape of France. This simple observation sparked a brainstorming session leading to a nationwide ‘crack hunt’. The team’s findings ranged from the uncanny to the outrageous, capturing the shapes of various countries in everyday road cracks.

“We believe that travel is about seeing the world through a different lens and finding beauty in the unexpected, With ‘WeJustCrackedYourNextTrip”‘ we want to remind people that adventure is all around us and Atlys is here to help them experience it seamlessly. All it took was a camera and a good eye. We spotted France, Sweden, the UAE, and Japan, among others. I’m sure there are more country-shaped patterns out there. We just need to find them” says Mohak Nahta, CEO of Atlys.

The ‘WeJustCrackedYourNextTrip’ campaign aims to bring a smile to people’s faces and inspire them to book their next vacation. By turning ordinary road cracks into an imaginative journey, Atlys hopes to provide a gentle push for travelers to explore new destinations.

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