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July 13, 2024
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Plan the Most Thrilling Vacay with Your Father in Jammu This Father’s Day!


Busy fathers often have holidays right at the bottom of their to-do list, but there is nothing stopping you from planning the most fun, adventurous holiday for him in Jammu this Father’s Day, which falls on 16th June, 2024. From long drives and diverse dining experiences to thrilling adventure activities, Jammu, with its natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, is the perfect destination to pamper your father and shower him with all your love and affection. Here are some experiences that will deepen your bond with the best man in your life.

Road-tripping with Dad

There’s something about road trips that pumps up the sense of excitement and purpose. If you wish to see your father shed all the boring, monotonous layers and become the fun-loving person you know him to be, drive through the picturesque valley of Jammu with him. Renowned for its stunning landscapes and scenic views, Jammu also has one of the most popular road routes — the Patnitop circular road. Here, you can soak in nature in its purest form, get a glimpse of local wildlife, and try the walking trails. Just half an hour away is the premium 22-acre mountain harbour Skyview by Empyrean, that is the perfect stop for unwinding and recharging after a long, delightful drive.


Take your father shopping in Jammu and bond over this most special shared experience. Explore the vibrant, bustling markets of this quaint city, where you’ll find walnut woodwork, dried fruit, sweets and more. Don’t forget to stop over at the Hands of Gold store in Skyview by Empyrean, known  for its locally sourced authentic perishables like organic and pure honey with health-boosting properties, adding a sweet, wholesome touch to its product line and beautiful, handicrafts and souvenirs brought to life by local artisans. Hands of Gold offers a variety of products such as paper mache, leather bags, pashmina, woollen stoles and shawls, Kashmiri saffron, shilajit, Kashmiri aari and sozni embroidered motifs, Kashmiri tilla embroidery in golden, raw and flavoured honey, premix kahwa, and much more


There’s nothing like a little adventure to awaken the adventurous spirit in your father

When you’re in Jammu, the Skyview by Empyrean property is a must-visit with your father, as it offers a variety of exciting activities. Here, you can enjoy the thrill of ziplining, ride on India’s highest ropeway, the Skyview Gondola, that offers the most stunning aerial views of Sanget Valley and Patnitop, fly on the country’s first magic carpet and experience the unique tubing sledge ride rolling down the hill with breathtaking views zipping by!

Dining with Dad

Indulge in the joy of good food and have meaningful conversations with your father, learning some valuable life lessons over a meal. Treat him to delectable regional and global cuisines while enjoying a diverse fine-dining experience at the Banana Leaf restaurant overlooking the majestic Pir Panjal range!

So, get down to planning this unforgettable trip with your father and give him the gift of a lifetime of happy memories.

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