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Introducing Clinic Les Alpes: The Exclusive Medically-Licensed Clinic in the Swiss Alps for Ultimate Healing

Rehab Centre, Switzerland

A state of the art, ultra discreet private clinic for integrated medical and holistic care, offering personalized treatment for mental and emotional health issues as well as substance and behavioral dependency

Clinic Les Alpes has been leading the way in providing cutting-edge, evidence-based treatments for mental and emotional health including substance abuse and behavioural dependency for patients from all over the world.

Clinic Les Alpes is the result of one man’s personal investment in a long-held vision to develop a comprehensive service of exceptional quality that, with the utmost discretion, offers personalised treatment and a path to recovery that is fully responsive to individual needs in a secluded and beautifully designed environment but one with all the opportunities, resources and safety of an inpatient medical clinic, fully licensed by the Swiss Department of Health, where staff are multilingual and the primary language is English.

Discreetly located in the charming Swiss village of Les Avants, featuring breathtaking 360° views of the verdant mountains and Lake Geneva, Clinic Les Alpes was designed with purpose and intentionally established above Montreux which provides a secluded, cozy haven for pristine therapeutic healing.

Taking 10 years to complete, Clinic Les Alpes enables individuals to medically detox on location if required (a rarity of many global clinics, where guests are required to detox in a hospital and are then transferred to a rehabilitation clinic).

With an extremely high staff to patient ratio, highly-customiable programs, luxurious hospitality and world-class facilities purposefully built on a remote mountain top with nurturing views, Clinic Les Alpes is a thoughtfully-designed healing destination marrying exceptional medical standards with innovative holistic practices to empower individuals to take the needed steps for personal transformation.


With an expert team of highly qualified practitioners in various specialties, Clinic Les Alpes uses a personalized, integrated approach to treat a wide array of health conditions including Burnout & Exhaustion, Mental and Emotional Wellbeing and Substance Abuse and Behavioural Dependency.

Mental health conditions treated include anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), phobias, eating disorders, bi-polar disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD); and substance abuse and behavioral dependency issues such as alcoholism, gambling, electronics, shopping, cocaine, opiate and prescription drugs. Furthermore, the clinic offers Wellbeing and Personal Growth Treatments for true-self discovery, aiming to reach one’s true potential by improving physical conditions and strengthening relationship skills.

Patrick Wilson, the founder and owner of the Clinic, says:

“Having gone through my own personal journey, I understand the complex interplay of mental and emotional pain and substance abuse. Our mission at Clinic Les Alpes is to shed light on the path toward healing and offer highly personalized treatments to break free from the self-constructed prison of dependency. There is a tremendous power in gentleness, and we aim to help nurture individuals through compassion with the utmost confidentiality, guiding them towards feelings of freedom and peace that extend beyond their time at Clinic Les Alpes.”


Integrating the latest research into the clinic’s services, Clinic Les Alpes delivers bespoke, trailblazing treatment experiences to help patients and their families achieve long-term recovery and sustained wellbeing beyond the program.

Designed with careful reference to international standards of best practice, Clinic Les Alpes creates highly custom 28-day programs that include all treatments and hospitality services with a full in-house medical detox if required. Whether it is for mental and emotional health, executive burnout or substance abuse and behavioral dependency, the clinic will map out the personal journey with the patients based on a thorough medical, psychiatric and physical assessment.

With a full in-house multi-disciplinary team comprising doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses and therapists who combine professional expertise with warm humanity, the collaborative, multilingual team will work closely together with patients to address the root causes of their issues – whether it is related to childhood development or relational trauma – ensuring to spend ample time with each individual. Priding itself on discretion and privacy,

the team places a strong emphasis on one-to-one tailored itineraries from medical, psychological, physical, emotional and spiritual lens to help individuals discover how to move forward with purpose and establish personal recovery behaviors, mindsets and attitudes for healthy wellbeing long term.

Interplaying between mind, body and spirit, Clinic Les Alpes provides the ultimate whole-person care through a 12-step program in combination with one-to-one counseling, group psychotherapy, art therapy (i.e. drawing, painting, sculpting), equine therapy, plus seasonal activities from snowshoeing in the forests to hikes in alpine meadows and more. Clinic Les Alpes further offers three to five day Family Programs that allow chosen family members to attend therapeutic interventions to help repair relationships.

With a final health check given before discharge to measure progress, the thorough care extends beyond the patients’ time at the clinic through a detailed aftercare plan that includes everything from relapse prevention strategies and recommendations on healthy activities, to weekly counseling sessions and quarterly consultations with the head psychiatrist to access to community network to ensure support after the program.


Housed in a historic alpine chateau fully restored by the Lausanne-based architecture firm Richter & Dahl Rocha, Clinic Les Alpes features modern, state-of-the-art facilities including

27 private and comfortable ensuite bedrooms that are an English country house style, medical and wellness spa, library, drawing room, the study, sweeping terrace with panoramic mountain views, and a restaurant with nourishing meals made with locally-sourced seasonal items.

With a sophisticated, cozy atmosphere that feels like an aristocratic English country house, each space has its own magnificent floral and pastel design while the elegant common areas are adorned with the finest antiques, Persian carpets and timeless artwork.

Sprawled across an entire floor, the pristine medical and wellness spa is complete with multiple treatment suites, yoga and pilates rooms, a fully equipped gym, sauna and steam bath, hammams as well as relaxation rooms, tranquil infinity pool, and outdoor jacuzzi. The therapists on the Body Mind Source team will closely accompany the visitors to purify their mind, create balance and optimize their energy to complement the program and ensure the best possible wellbeing experience.

Clinic Les Alpes is easily accessible and within reach of three airports: Geneva Airport, EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg and Zurich Airport. The 28-day individual program starts at CHF 45,000 per week.

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