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July 19, 2024
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From Changing Travel Wish Lists to Modifying Appearance and Behaviour: Booking.com Research Reveals the Insecurities of LGBTQ+ Families when Travelling

Modifying Appearance and Behaviour

In an increasing number of countries, millennials are the first generation to embrace queer family travel. As more LGBTQ+ families embark on that exciting first multi-generational trip, Booking.com’s latest Travel Proud research reveals the heightened awareness and acceptance among LGBTQ+ families that their trip will be influenced by their identity.

Navigating boundaries: How constraints, concerns and decisions are shaping destination choices The first step for any traveller is finding and booking a destination and for LGBTQ+ parents this comes with particular concerns. 60% of this group feel that being LBGTQ+ has a big impact on their vacation research and destination choices, while nearly four in five travellers (78%) will investigate how LGBTQ+ family friendly a destination is when making their choices.

Despite the progress that is being made in a growing number of countries, there continue to be constraints on LGBTQ+ family travel. 87% of LGBTQ+ parents feel some popular destinations are off limits because they or another family member identify as LGBTQ+. This also results in them changing their travel wish lists with 72% agreeing that being LGBTQ+ has negatively impacted their bucket list.

Adapting for safety: How LGBTQ+ travellers are modifying behaviours while travelling
LGBTQ+ parents will adapt their behaviours to deal with their concerns over identity once out of the home. 71% say that being LGBTQ+ negatively impacts how they and their family behave when travelling together, with almost the same number (74%) saying it negatively impacts how they present themselves. Meanwhile 83% of LGBTQ+ parents admit to modifying their appearance and behaviour while catching a flight and 90% will create alter egos to obscure their identity.

Embracing inclusivity: How the travel industry is boosting LGBTQ+ travellers’ confidence
But families are seeing the positives in changes coming from the travel industry. 80% of LGBTQ+ families say that seeing increased inclusivity of the travel industry has made them feel more comfortable travelling. And 81% say that being LGBTQ+ makes them feel more confident as a traveller. While in destinations that have adequate legislation in place to protect the rights of LGBTQ+ people, the majority of LGBTQ+ parents feel comfortable across the entire travel journey – 83% feel comfortable catching flight from their home country, 84% feel comfortable getting onto public transportation, 87% feel comfortable eating in restaurants outside of the place they are staying and 88% feel comfortable going out late in the evening with their family.

To make it easier for LGBTQ+ travellers to experience the world, Booking.com’s Travel Proud program certifies properties listed on Booking.com for having completed Booking.com’s inclusive hospitality training and their ongoing commitment to providing truly welcoming stays to everyone.

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