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July 21, 2024
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Postcard Travel Club Joins Hands with RARE India in a Strategic Partnership to Champion Conscious Luxury Travel and Strengthen its Footprint

RARE India

Postcard Travel Club, an inclusive community of conscious luxury travellers, travel designers, storytellers, and boutique properties that collectively advance responsible tourism, has formed a strategic alliance with RARE India, a collection of boutique hotels, wildlife lodges, and retreats across India, Bhutan, and Nepal. This partnership unites two pioneers advancing responsible tourism, and is further enhancing their commitment to environmental sustainability and community engagement through more conscious travel practices.

Commenting on the collaboration, Mr. Amit Jaipura, Founder and CEO at Postcard Travel Club said, “Postcard Travel Club is delighted to announce a new alliance with RARE India as we look to advance our purpose of bringing together all stakeholders advancing conscious luxury travel. This collaboration has proved to be a major milestone for the forward journey of Postcard and has enabled us to reach one step closer to our goal of onboarding  500+ partners in 50+ countries by the end of 2024.

“RARE and the community is about authentic destination stories, always believing that tourism at its best should build the destination and benefit the community. With this collaboration, we further aim to spread awareness and belief in responsible tourism,” added Ms. Shoba Rudra, Founder Partner at RARE India.

Together, Postcard Travel Club and RARE India aim to redefine conscious luxury travel by promoting boutique properties that prioritise the planet and its people, ensuring that every journey leaves a positive impact. This partnership allows Postcard members to experience the transformative power of conscious luxury travel that is being promoted by the properties represented by Rare India.

Publishing the property profiles and the unique experiences on the Postcard platform as part of the collaboration, the brand has on boarded over 90  properties spanning 19 Indian states under the RARE India collective. Unique adventures such as tracking tigers in Kanha, spotting snow leopards in Ladakh, and enjoying serene beach retreats in Kerala. Every RARE property actively contributes to planet-sensitive endeavours, embracing practices such as reducing single-use plastic, ensuring responsible garbage disposal, conserving water and energy, and safeguarding the intricate tapestry of nature and biological diversity.

Postcard Travel Club also launched “Postcard Search Engine”, a unique interests-based search engine last month that helps conscious luxury travellers find immersive experiences and boutique properties that match their personal interests and values. 

 Postcard Travel Club

Vision: To unite the world through mindful travel and storytelling.

Mission: To build a community platform with products that bring together and connect all change-makers interested in advancing responsible tourism.

Tagline -A wonderful world is waiting for you!

In a world where travel planning often starts with a quick search, most travelers find themselves wading through endless pages of SEO-driven recommendations. This is where Postcard comes in as a pioneering platform that is redefining the way we discover travel experiences. Unlike any generic search engine, which offers you a wide variety of results, Postcard dives deep, offering an interest-based search engine tailored to discerning travelers. This specialized tool moves past mainstream recommendations and not only curates immersive experiences but also pays special attention to responsible tourism and curated experiences that support local communities.

Launched in September 2020, Postcard Travel Club, is aimed to thoughtfully build a niche online community of conscious travellers across the globe. Bringing to light unique boutique properties to highly captivating experiences that advance responsible tourism for a selective community of travellers through their discovery.

From a cruise of the Brahmaputra River on ABN Charaidew I, where a hidden water world awaits to be discovered, to a stay at Entre Cielos Luxury Wine Hotel, a boutique hotel in Argentina where wine meets wellness. From the uber luxury stay at Suryagarh with an amazing sunset dining experience, to Inkaterra La Casona, a 16th Century manor house standing on the training grounds for an elite army of Incas in Peru, there are many mind-blowing experiences listed on the platform of Postcard Travel Club for itslisted members. All this with deep discounts, the best last-minute deals, and exclusive meet-ups to their subscribed members through their strong network of relations with over 250+ boutique properties in 35+ countries.

Started by Amit Jaipuria, a conscious traveller himself and an aspirational global citizen, Postcard Travel Club is headquartered in Bangalore.  The brand is taking responsible tourism to new heights in many countries. With an enthusiastic team that is working from around the world, Postcard Travel Club is building an inclusive community of conscious travellers, travel designers, storytellers and boutique properties that is collectively advancing responsible tourism.

Targeted at conscious travellers in the age group of 30-50 years old, Postcard Travel Club’s premium membership opens a plethora of life-changing travel experiences that are exclusively hand-picked for members. Available both through its website and offline, the brand has massive expansion plans looking at a representation of 500+ partners in 50+ countries in 2024.

The club offers a special subscription to members that opens the door to many exclusive travel experiences across the world. Using storytelling to inspire people about community, culture, history, food, nature, wildlife, and wellness, Postcard Travel Club strongly believes that local experiences are the key to unlocking travel as a force for good. As more people engage in local experiences, they will develop empathy and understanding of the places they visit, and the people they meet. This growing community is bound to inspire more suppliers to adopt sustainable and regenerative practices and lead the industry towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Website –  https://postcard.travel/inspirations





Threads – https://www.threads.net/@postcardtravelclub

Amit Jaipuria, Founder and CEO, Postcard Travel Club

Amit Jaipuria, Founder and CEO (Chief Experience Officer) at Postcard Travel Club

With a mission to build the world’s largest community of conscious travelers, Amit Jaipuria, a serial entrepreneur, founded Postcard Travel Club in 2020. Driven by his passion for travel and the difficulty he faced in finding immersive experiences online, Amit came up with the idea to fill this gap for like-minded travelers. His journey led him to the Transformational Travel Council, where he embraced the principles of responsible tourism and that led to shaping the philosophy behind the Postcard Travel Club today.

Under Amit’s leadership, Postcard Travel Club has grown significantly, driven by a dedicated team of eight remote-working freelancers and digital nomads. Amit has successfully developed a business model that is entirely bootstrapped and relies on subscription-based revenue. His approach focuses on building an inclusive community and fostering collaborative growth, which has led to strong partnerships with brands like Rare India, The Transformational Travel Council, The Long Run and a network of over 250 boutique properties in more than 35 countries.

Amit’s experience in the Indian startup ecosystem and his belief in the power of social networking and storytelling have taught him invaluable lessons about bootstrapping, scaling businesses, product development, and team growth from his previous entrepreneurial ventures. He applies these lessons to Postcard Travel Club, aiming to create a community that includes conscious travelers, travel designers, storytellers, and boutique properties, all committed to advancing responsible tourism. Amit’s vision for the brand is to embody a global lifestyle that promotes responsible tourism and mindfulness, encouraging travelers to become conscientious global citizens.

Amit holds a double major in Finance and Entrepreneurship from Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1999, which he completed in 1999. Then in 2001, he authored one of the first patents on social networking technologies in the USA and India. An avid sports enthusiast, Amit played tennis at the university level and enjoys football and cricket. He loves spending time with family and his eight-year-old son, often traveling and exploring unique places and cultures with them and travels whenever possible with his family and eight-year-old son. His personal life and choices are influenced deeply by the ethos of the Postcard Travel Club focusing on holistic, mindful, and responsible living.

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