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July 13, 2024

Enjoy Nawabhi Bhoj of Murshidabad at Novotel Mumbai International Airport

Bhoj of Murshidabad

From July 5th to 13th, 2024, Food Exchange at Novotel Mumbai International Airport is hosting a unique culinary event showcasing the exquisite cuisine of Murshidabad. This food pop-up, in collaboration with Chef Pin, a leading platform for home chefs, connecting food lovers with healthy, home-cooked meals, will feature the exceptional culinary skills of Chef Ananya Banerjee, a lawyer-turned-globetrotter and social influencer known for her passion for promoting lesser-known regional cuisines.

Murshidabad cuisine is more than just food; it is a reflection of a culinary heritage blending Persian and Mughal influences with traditional Bengali flavors. This blend brings together Mughal sophistication and Bengali earthiness making it unique and flavorful.

Chef Ananya has extensively researched this cuisine, traveling to Murshidabad to connect with and learn from the descendants of the Nawabs and local culinary experts ensuring an authentic taste that reflects the rich culinary heritage of Murshidabad.

The buffet spread will feature iconic dishes such as Murshidabad Mochar Shami Kebab, a fusion of Mughal and Bengali culinary traditions, and Taal Saash / Chennar Kofta Sukto, combining the sweet, fruity flavor of palm fruit with the creamy texture of Chhena. Other dishes include Moong Jhingey Posto, Murshidabad Chicken Tikia, Morog Pulao, Chingrir Kofta Narkel Diye, Darchini Gosht, Jhurir Doi, Raskodom, and Cheena Bora.

Join us at the Food Exchange to experience the unique and flavorful dishes of Murshidabad, curated by the talented Chef Ananya Banerjee. Don’t miss this chance to indulge in a culinary celebration that beautifully captures the history and essence of Bengal’s gastronomic treasures.

Event Details:

Date: 5th – 13th July 2024

Venue: Food Exchange, Novotel Mumbai International Airport

Timing: 7:00 PM – 10:30 PM

Price: INR 1995 plus taxes

For reservations: +91 8657868650 / +91 8657868756

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