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Life on Island-A photographic Journey Thought Mauritius

Photographic Journey

My work shows Mauritius through my lens, It shows the Different Landscapes,Seascapes and Unexplored Islands which are off the Coat line of Mauritius

Naming one which is Gabriel Island, Which was once an Island which was kept for the slaves who were unwell, suffering from Malaria.The Gabriella island has some of the most unique sea birds named Booby Bird, which is there in one of the Snap

It takes approximately 2 hours on a catamaran.Which is a joyful ride with Beer and Fruits

The island has Unique Trees Banana, Avocado,Tropical Almond,Banyan Tree,Frangipani Queen Palm, Tamarind

.The Mauritius Fody is a small endemic songbird,Bulbul,Parrots,Kestral.

The Island was discovered by the Arabs,who showed no interest in it.Later came the Portuguese who also left as they had a bigger control in Goa.

The Dutch came and plundered the Island, Cutting down all ebony trees to make train tracks and killing and eating their national bird named dodo, which is now extinct.

After that the french colonised the Island, defeating the Dutch,

Mauritian Creoles trace their origins to the plantation owners and slaves who were brought to work the sugar fields. When slavery was abolished on 1 February 1835, an attempt was made to secure a cheap source of adaptable labour for intensive sugar plantations in Mauritius. Indentured labour began with Chinese, Malay, African and Malagasy labourers, but ultimately, it was India which supplied the much needed laborers to Mauritius. This period of intensive use of Indian labour took place during British rule, with many brutal episodes and a long struggle by the indentured for respect. The term applied to the indentured during this period, and which has since become a derogatory term for Mauritians of Asian descent, was Coolie. The island soon became the key-point in the trade of indentured laborers, as thousands of Indians set forth from Calcutta or Karikal; not only did they modify the social, political and economic physiognomies of the island, but some also went farther, to the West Indies.

Indo-Mauritians are descended from Indian immigrants, most of whom arrived between 1835 and 1924 via the Coolie Ghat to work as indentured labourers after slavery was abolished in 1835.[17][18] Included in the Indo-Mauritian community are Muslims (about 17% of the population) from the Indian subcontinent.

The island now sustains itself on Sugarcane Farming, Making Rum which is mainly exported into European Markets at High Rates. Spices like the Vanilla and Oranges are also in ample.Apart from the Hotel Industry.

An independence campaign gained momentum after 1961, when the British agreed to permit additional self-government and eventual independence. A coalition composed of the Mauritian Labour Party (MLP), the Comité d’Action Musulman (CAM), and the Independent Forward Bloc (IFB) – a traditionalist Hindu party – won a majority in the 1967 Legislative Assembly election, despite opposition from Franco-Mauritian and Creole supporters of Sir Gaetan Duval QC’s and Jules Koenig’s Mauritian Social Democratic Party (PMSD). The Labour-IFB-CAM coalition was known as Independence Party (Mauritius). Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam, Chief Minister in the colonial government, became the first prime minister after independence, on 12 March 1968. The date of 12 March was specifically chosen to coincide with Mahatma Gandhi’s Salt March which occurred on 12 March 1930.[29] Between 1965 and 1968 there were various ethnic riots which could only be brought under control with assistance from British troops who flew in from South-East Asia. The communal strife that preceded independence led to around 300 deaths.[30]

British rule ended on 12 March 1968 with the Mauritius Independence Act 1968. The British monarch, Elizabeth II, remained nominal head of state as Queen of Mauritius. Her constitutional roles were delegated to the Governor-General of Mauritius. The last governor, Sir John Shaw Rennie served as the first governor-general until 27 August 1968.(wikipedia)

The people of Mauritius are Kind hearted and loving, though there are a lot of Europians who own the lands but the working class which consists of the Local Mauritius people are happy,there are no wars on religion and people the locals are very welcoming.The government has kept strict rules for maintaining the cleanliness of the place. For example one of the photographs shows a popular beach Mont Choisy which is known for its Beautiful Sunsets,often full of Evening parties, is cleaned every Morning and is left spotless by noon.

There is also a beautiful Hindu Temple Ganga Talao, which is a crater lake, Is a site worth Visiting for anyone who is religious, it was recently visited by our PM, Narender Modi.

It may be a seperate nation but India is in everyone’s heart in that country as most of them who are now well settled are Indian Origin 5th Generation.


14 Years

Designed various garments

Working on mood boards

Sketch rough drawing to understand about the requirement of clients and write specification

such as color, material type, construction and many more

Worked on Conceptualizing and forming many garments with my team of tailors

Associated with various craftspeople across India.

Extensive Market Research and Competitive Analysis on a regular basis to keep track of

customer preferences and market needs.

Working in close association with workers and generating best suited pattern making styles.

Responsible for the garment quality check by examining the garment on the model to

achieve the desired results.

Imparting training sessions to the management and sales executives related to Apparel

Design and Processes.

Manage the ledger book of the store.

Responsible for providing consultation on wardrobe, tailoring of women’s wear

Used sketching and designing to construct garment and fulfill the client’s needs

Working closely and supervising the Marketing Executive on the social media pages for

marketing and promotion Activity of the store.

Creating visual content regularly about the store for the followers on social media.

Designed Handloom Bed Covers after intensive research in the rural Areas.


Have been managing Delhi Chamber Choir and been an active tenor for the past 2.5 years.

Have designed the choir website which is www.delhichamberchoir.com

Currently also enrolled in Ignou in 2 nd year under public administration not sure Continuing it.

Captions for photos/images/pics

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