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December 3, 2023
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Burgundy Private by Axis Bank in Association with Radisson Blu Hotel GRT Chennai Hosted ‘Chronicles of Tales Retold’ a Mesmerizing Art Show

Chronicles of Tales Retold

(L-R):-Jitha Karthikeyan, Artist and Curator & Vikram Cotah, CEO of GRT Hotels & Resorts along with each other

Burgundy Private by Axis Bank in association with Radisson Blu Hotel GRT Chennai hosted ‘Chronicles of Tales Retold’ a mesmerising art show curated by Jitha Karthikeyan, in the presence of  Mr.Vikram Cotah (CEO of GRT Hotels & Resorts).

Chronicles of Tales Retold looks at mythologies and folklores in a contemporary setting. Thus pushing everyone to break free from what they have learned or been conditioned to believe and discover ways of observing.

The four artists in the show have reimagined tales from the past, adding their own narratives to these chronicles, urging you to rethink all the perspectives that you have known so far.

Speaking about the ‘Chronicles of Tales Retold’, Jitha Karthikeyan, artist and curator, said “The human mind is indeed like molten glass – it can take a multitude of forms when allowed to exist in a state of liberation. These visual interpretations which throw a new light on histories will implore you to unshackle the power of your imagination and open up the possibilities of a million ways to see.”

Vikram Cotah, CEO of GRT Hotels & Resorts, added “Chronicles of Tales Retold is an exciting art show curated by Jitha Karthikeyan, capturing mythologies and folklore. GRT Hotels & Resorts have hosted many art shows, and we look forward to collaborating with more artists and hosting more art shows and exhibitions at our hotels. We are now looking forward to the next art show at Radisson Bengaluru City Center in Bangalore.” Participating Artists were P K Sadanandan, M Siva, K Sudheesh and Jitha Karthikeyan. The show was well attended by the who’s who of Chennai society and prominent members of the art circle

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