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September 22, 2023
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An Enchanting Evening: ‘Maqta’ Live Performance at Method Juhu


Maqta Live Performance, Method Juhu

Date – 20th August
Time – 8pm
Venue – Method Juhu Armaan Bungalow, 23 Hatkesh Society, NS Road #6 JVPD Juhu
Booking Site – https://themethod.art/products/maqta-live-at-method-juhu-music-performance?fbclid=PAAabk10WrzPhomXBA7yii8_osXXHSwN4PJ9m8eaqJHa1v016C4cly6lbJwMc


Method Juhu presents a live intimate performance by ‘Maqta’ in Hindi & Urdu that is at once romantic, cinematic and elevating. The singer songwriters’ diverse inspirations include classical, pop and folksy swing music on 20th August, 8pm.
Crafted exclusively for an intimate audience, performed in self-curated house concerts in Bombay, Bangalore and Pune, as well as intimate venues like Method Juhu, The Jeff Goldberg Studio and The Bombay Sweet Shop.These performances are deeply personal, emotionally elevating and cathartic.

Artist Bio: 

‘Maqta’ was born with a desire to anchor the everyday in the lyricism and beauty of Hindi and Urdu — to re-discover a history, both personal and social, through the movement of words and music. With every new song, the project aims to discover uncharted territory for both languages. Ranging from classically inspired pieces to catchy pop hooks, theatrical lyricism to folksy swing, the combinations of inspiration complete Maqta’s world of music and poetry.

Inspired by musicians such as Nils Frahm, Phillip Glass, Keaton Henson, Lucy Rose, R.D and S.D Burman, to name a few, as well as the poetry of Dushyant Kumar, Ghalib, Faiz Ahmad Faiz and others, the Maqta experience is at once romantic, cinematic and elevating.

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