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Experience the Magic of the August Moon Festival at Golden Dragon, Taj Coromandel-Chennai

August Moon Festival

It’s that time of the year when Golden Dragon, the signature Sichuan & Cantonese cuisine restaurant at Taj Coromandel-Chennai, comes alive with the August Moon Festival, one of the greatest Chinese Mid-Autumn Festivals symbolizing joy and health.

At Golden Dragon, the hand-crafted menu by Master Chef Lian Yun Lie is filled with traditional quintessential flavours from the regions of China. With something for each palate – vegetarian, non-vegetarian and seafood – guests can savour delightful oriental flavours! And don’t miss the delectable traditional Moon Cakes.

Guests can relish Northern Lamb Dumplings (Cumin, coriander, crusher pepper); Mushroom Spinach and Corn Dim Sum (Wheat starch, potato starch dough); and Steamed Mantao Buns (Pounded chilli garlic dip, sesame oil, fried garlic, sliced chachoy). The menu is also dotted with delicacies that include Jingling Duck Hot Pot (Duck slow braised, Chinese spices); Steamed Cantonese Prawns (Tiger prawns, crushed garlic, sesame oil); Ciba Fish Hubei (Pan seared fish, garlic, chilli, peppers); Sichuan Jiang Tenderloin (Smoked chillies, Sichuan spices, Shao Xing wine); Boiled Pork Belly (Pounded garlic, fresh red chillies, soy); Lotus Stem- Family Style (Stir fried, garlic, dry red chillies, Shao Xing wine); and Yangchow Tofu (Crisp fried, superior soya, wok smoked).

End on a sweet note with Warm Sichuan pepper Infused Chocolate Pudding (Sichuan corn, served warm); Caramelized Walnut and Orange Ice cream (Crushed caramelized walnut, dehydrated orange peel, home churned) and the much-loved Moon Cake (Red Bean paste, baked in-house).

Join us in celebrating the beauty of the harvest season with these delightful festive indulgences at Golden Dragon, Taj Coromandel-Chennai.

Golden Dragon, Taj Coromandel-Chennai  |   29 Sept – 6 Oct |  Lunch  and dinner |  A La Carte |  Please call +91 44 6600 2827 or +91 78248 62310 for more details and table reservations

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