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Celebrate Christmas at Donna Deli: A Feast for the Senses

Donna Deli

Nestled in the vibrant neighborhood of Bandra, Mumbai, Donna Deli awaits with an enchanting celebration merging the best of Italian and Asian culinary delights amidst a captivating Christmas wonderland.

Unveiling a Spectacle of Decoration:
Step into Donna Deli, where the magic of Christmas comes alive through meticulously crafted decorations. Twinkling lights cascade, adorning every corner, while festive ornaments and garlands infuse the air with the spirit of the season. The ambiance is nothing short of a festive symphony, inviting guests into a realm of joyous celebrations.

Savor the Seasonal Flavors:
Beyond the visual spectacle, Donna Deli presents an exquisite Christmas menu, a symphony of flavors curated for the occasion. Indulge in the artfully crafted cocktails like the signature Christmas Martini and the delightful Pumpkin Spice to kickstart the festivities.

Embrace the small plates, including the iconic Portobello Steak Poie, a traditional Goan sandwich boasting breaded mushroom steak, red cabbage slaw, and garlic aioli, all nestled in a Poie. Dine on flavorful options like the Goan Chilli Fry, available with chicken or mushroom, tossed in Goan spices, onions, baby potatoes, and served with Poie and more.

The main course unveils delights such as the Vegetable Caldine, a coconut & cumin-based yellow vegetable curry, and the Cafreal Spiced Chicken Thigh, a richly flavored dish served with warm Poie and more.

A Sweet Culmination:
Conclude this culinary journey with heavenly desserts like the Apple Tart Tatin and the irresistible Crunchy Chocolate Fondue — perfect endings to an unforgettable dining experience.

At Donna Deli, the celebration of Christmas extends beyond the plate, it’s an immersive experience harmonizing festive flavors and captivating decorations, creating lasting memories for all who gather. Reserve a table to revel in this sensory feast and make this Christmas a truly magical one at Donna Deli!


Ground floor, Manorama chambers, Swami Vivekananda Rd, Bandra West, W, Maharashtra 400050

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