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75% of Indians Ready for More Trips if Deals Are Right: 5 Money-Saving Hacks to Save Big on Accommodation this Summer

Mohit Joshi, Travel and Destination Expert, Skyscanner

Mohit Joshi, Travel and Destination Expert, Skyscanner

Skyscanner reveals the cheapest 3*, 4*, and 5* hotel destinations this summer – say hello to great value stays in Kathmandu (cheapest 3*), Manali (cheapest 4*), and Gulmarg (cheapest 5*) this summer 

For money-savvy Indians, Skyscanner reveals Goa, Baku, and Langkawi as the accommodation destinations that have seen the biggest price drop year on year this summer

Millennials are ditching traditional room service for food delivery apps on their vacations, with 1 in 2 25-34-year-olds opting for this convenient option 

 Global travel marketplace Skyscanner’s latest research reveals that Indian travellers have a strong appetite for travel and are keen value hunters, always scouting for great deals. To help these savvy travellers save big on their summer trips, Skyscanner has introduced the ‘Loud Budgeting Guide‘ for accommodation. Built on the analysis of millions of accommodation prices globally, this guide helps travellers find the best deals effortlessly. 

Data from Skyscanner’s latest research, in association with OnePoll, highlights that a whopping 84% of Indian travellers have already booked accommodation for their summer holiday but the eagerness to explore goes further. This wanderlust opens the doors for additional trips, with 75% of these travellers indicating they would be tempted to book another getaway if they found an irresistible deal. With travel budgets a key consideration, finding the perfect deal is crucial. Skyscanner, with over three million hotels, apartments, self-catering options (bed and breakfast), and hostels to compare, allows travellers to see all their travel options no matter the budget. * 

Mohit Joshi, Travel and Destination Expert at Skyscanner said, “We all know the thrill of finding a fantastic flight deal, but hotels can be a treasure trove of hidden savings too. Instead of just looking for the cheapest option, consider exploring different types of accommodation like apartments or self-catering stays. You might discover a more comfortable or budget-friendly place that perfectly suits your trip. At Skyscanner, our mission is to empower every traveller to find the ideal hotel for their needs, all while keeping in mind the budget so that they can get the most out of every adventure. Skyscanner’s filters make it super easy to find exactly what you are looking for, whether you crave a hotel with all its amenities or a place with a kitchen to save on meals. Our budget-friendly hotel deals page can help you turn your dream summer holiday into a budget-conscious reality, with destinations like Denpasar starting at just ₹900 per night and Dubai at ₹2,049 per night in August. ” 

  1. Check out the 3/5 cheapest summer spots for a hotel break this year** 

Skyscanner’s data experts have crunched the numbers this year to reveal the cheapest destinations for 3*, 4* and 5* hotel stays this summer (July and August months).  Keen for a 4* bargain?  Try Manali or Thiruvananthapuram in India for a 4* nightly average rate of just INR 3,064. More into a luxe-for-less stay? Try Gulmarg for a 5* nightly average rate this August from just INR 4,966.  

Ranking  Cheapest 3* destinations  Cheapest 4* destinations  Cheapest 5* destinations  
Cheapest 3* destinations Avg nightly price Cheapest 4* destinations Avg nightly price Cheapest 5* destinations Avg nightly price 
1  Kathmandu, Nepal  ₹1,478 Manali, India ₹3,064 Gulmarg, India ₹4,966 
2  Vasco Da Gama, India ₹1,585 Thiruvananthapuram, India ₹3,064 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ₹5,600 
3  Hanoi, Vietnam ₹1,796 Abu Dhabi, UAE ₹3,275 Darjeeling, India ₹6,657 
4  Gangtok, India,  ₹2,007 Bangkok, Thailand ₹3,476 Pattaya, Thailand ₹7,269 
5  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ₹2,218 Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam ₹3,476 Colombo, Sri Lanka ₹7,608 

Visit here for the full list of top 10 cheapest summer spots and check out our fave 3*, 4*, and 5* recommendations available on Skyscanner right now:  

  1. Be savvy to the best value summer destinations this year***  

With over 74% Indians saying that they will stick to a set budget when it comes to their accommodation costs, Skyscanner reveals the best value destinations for money-savvy Indians this summer.  Based on millions of hotel prices globally, these are the biggest price drop destinations this summer (compared to 2023).  

Ranking  Destination  % YoY price drop  
Cavelossim, India -68% 
Baku, Azerbaijan -52% 
3  Langkawi, Malaysia -38% 
4  Seoul, South Korea -25% 
5  Las Vegas, United States -13% 

Visit here for the full list of best-value summer destinations.   

  1. Compare self-catering (bed and breakfast) vs hotels side by side (and you could save up to 53% on your week-long Chennai trip this summer) ****  

To get the very best price on accommodation, travellers should compare both self-catering and hotel options side by side using Skyscanner’s handy accommodation filters.  In fact, 28% of Indian travellers have shared that they would be willing to stay in self-catering accommodation, rather than a hotel, if it would help them save money.  Based on Skyscanner’s most popular destinations, Indian travellers can save big by going for self-catering options, as well as saving on the costs of dining out each night.  For example, swapping your 7-night Chennai hotel stay for a self-catering option this July and August could save you up to 53%- that’s a saving of up to INR 16,989!  Going for a 7-night self-catering stay in Singapore could save you up to 15% too- that’s a saving of up to INR 14,035! 

There are times when a hotel stay works out cheaper versus self-catering, for example in Bengaluru and Dubai, so it’s always worth taking the time to compare your options.  

Ranking  Destination  Hotel average nightly price  Self-catering average nightly price  Cheapest option (% saving)  Saving on 7-day trip  
1  Chennai, India   INR 4,537   INR 2,110  53%   INR 16,989 
2  Bengaluru, India   INR 4,221   INR 7,599  44%    INR 23,646 
3  Dubai, UAE   INR 7,703 INR 11,504 33%  INR 26,607 
4 Denpasar, Indonesia INR 2,638  INR 2,005  24%  INR 4,431 
5  Singapore, Singapore   INR 13,402  INR 11,397  15%   INR 14,035 

Visit here for the full list of the 6 most popular hotel and self-catering destinations.  

  1. Next-level hostels from INR 1,288 per night  

No longer exclusively for the backpacking GAP year-ers – the new gen of hostels offers aesthetic interiors, high-quality local cuisine, and most importantly, fun. While only 31% of Indian travellers shared their willingness to stay in hostels to save on holiday costs this year, Skyscanner offers some next-level hostel recommendations that can help cut your accommodation expenses and ditch the soleless budget hotel option this summer.   

  1. Take a lesson from Millennial travellers shaking up room service  

With searches for ‘Can I order food to a hotel?’ increasing by 44% globally year on year*****. Skyscanner delved into the trend and revealed that 1 in 2 25-34-year-olds in India say that they are likely to use a food delivery service while on holiday abroad. However, this drops dramatically to almost 1 in 5 for 65+ year olds.    

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