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IITM Hyderabad Opens to a Grand Opening: Cultivating Collaborative Excellence

IITM Hyderabad

1 – 3 DECEMBER 2023
TIMINGS: 1100 – 1800 HRS

The much anticipated ‘India International Travel Mart’ is set to take centre stage in Hyderabad from the 1 – 3 December 2023.

The Guests of Honours for the event for the event were Ms. Rakhee Kankaria, Chairperson, Tourism Committee, FKTCCI, Mr. Krupakar Ravipati, India Tourism, Mr. HP. Janardhana, Joint Director, Karnataka Tourism, Ms. Sujana Kumar, TOAT, Mr. Abdul Jabbar, J&K Tourism, Mr. Pawan Jain, Rajasthan Tourism, Smt. Madhumati Rathod, Maharashtra Tourism, Mr. Valmiki Kishan, SKAL, Mr. Monik Dharamshi, SKAL, Mr. Rajesh Philip, ANTO and Ms. Rakhee Kankaria, Chairperson, Tourism Committee, FKTCCI.

A very warm welcome to the ‘India International Travel Mart’, where the world comes together in a celebration of wanderlust, discovery, and the boundless possibilities that travel and tourism offer. As we inaugurate Hyderabad’s biggest Travel showcase and open this path-breaking event, we endeavour it to be a gateway to the wonders of our vibrant planet and create an engaging platform to network, transact and do business.

As the Winter holidays draws closer, it is time to plan your holiday at the IITM at the Hitex Exhibition Centre. Having over 200 exhibitors offering over 1000 holiday destinations in India and abroad, the discerning holiday-maker is indeed spoilt for choice. With borders having eased up, your international holiday is just a visit away. The array of destinations at the event are just the wind beneath the wings to live it up once again.

The ‘India International Travel Mart’ is more than just an exhibition; it is a collective ode to the spirit of adventure that resides within each one of us. This exhibition is not only a showcase of the latest trends and innovations in the travel industry but also a platform for building bridges between cultures and fostering a deeper understanding of the world we inhabit. It is a space where industry leaders, seasoned travel agents and aspiring wanderers come together to exchange ideas, share business opportunities and benefit to embark on a new and exciting journey.
Travel More, Live More!

The lure of the wild and the temptation to experience the unknown has changed how holidays are planned! The holiday platter has just got experiential, whether it from experiencing a skiing sojourn in Jammu & Kashmir to trying out cultural offerings in Gujarat and Rajasthan or even signing up for a wildlife adventure in the forests of Karnataka or reliving India’s civilizational roots to Kashi in Uttar Pradesh!

India’s Most Productive Travel-Marketplace: For those in the travel and hospitality industry, the event offers an unparalleled networking opportunity to add more to their holiday portfolio. It is a unique opportunity for the travel trade to meet, network, negotiate and conduct business. The event is aimed at bringing the industry, face-to-face with the travel trade, corporate buyers as well as the end-customer with requisite purchasing power.

Unveils the world of Responsible Tourism: As the world embraces sustainable practices, IITM takes strides to promote responsible tourism and wellness. The exhibition highlights eco-friendly initiatives, community-based tourism projects, and conservation efforts to protect India’s natural and cultural heritage. It encourages travellers to tread lightly and leave a positive footprint on the destinations they visit. Delve into unique and upcoming destination hotspots of Meghalaya to Jharkhand to Odisha and uncover the world of sustainable tourism.

IITM Hyderabad | Solutions for Success, Connections for Growth
This gathering aims to establish a vibrant pool for aspiring travel agents, tour operators, corporate buyers, and members of the various travel-trade organization. Additionally, budding influencers will have the chance to not only create content but also network with their peer group. This event is a once-a-year opportunity for all travel-trade to engage, network and forge meaningful connections in the dynamic world of travel and hospitality.

Travel the Country, See the World!

Rohit Hangal, Director of Sphere Travel Media, expressed, “After the successful IITM events at Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore, I am thrilled to highlight Hyderabad’s astounding potentiality. With a 15% year-over-year increase in tourist footfall and a 20% rise in the hospitality sector’s contribution to the city’s economy, Hyderabad stands as a beacon for global travellers. Hosting the IITM event, bringing together various tourism boards, is not just a celebration; it is an acknowledgment of Hyderabad’s significant role in shaping the future of the travel industry. In this city of pearls, where history meets modernity, every data point reflects a story of exponential growth and limitless possibilities.”

Sanjay Hakhu, Director of Sphere Travel Media, added, “IITM, hosted in Hyderabad, promises unparalleled networking opportunities, drawing a diverse audience of potential customers, Travel-trade, and corporate-partners. Hyderabad’s tourism future looks bright, with ongoing infrastructure developments and a strong commitment to peerless growth. The city’s allure is evident in a steady increase in tourist numbers, contributing significantly to its economic growth. Beyond being a cost-effective means to engage a targeted audience, this event is a strategic move that enhances brand recognition and delivers a sustained brand recall.”

Highlights of the Event
• Biggest Travel event in the region
• Biggest variety of Holiday Packages of over 1000 destinations in India and abroad.
• This year, find more than 20 Indian tourism destinations participating making it one of the highlights of your search for that perfect holiday!
• Karnataka, Odisha, Gujarat, and Uttar Pradesh are the Partner States
• Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Jammu & Kashmir are Focus States, while
• Delhi, Meghalaya, Himachal Pradesh, and Jharkhand are the Feature States
• View ‘Incredible India’ with all its amazing hues and peerless vibrancy.
• Attractive discounts on offer for Spot Bookings.
• Perfectly timed to target Winter Holidays
• Entry is free

Navigating the Future of Tourism in Hyderabad:

The Capital of Telangana, Hyderabad is a heady mixture of heritage, traditional hospitality and now a thriving industrial base. A city that lead to Microsoft setting up its first overseas software development base has emerged as one of the fastest growing business destinations in the country. Hyderabad has developed in its own right a destination of investment and city of unmatched market potential. Hyderabad since the last decade or so has made tremendous strides in the fields of Information Technology, Telecommunications; in fact, it is the most wired city in the country and pharmaceuticals.

Having an International Airport makes Hyderabad an ideal base to market International Tourism products and services. An affluent and educated middle class with disposable income, thanks to the boom in the industrial sector of Telangana has provided a perfect market segment for world-class tourism products.

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