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Step Back in Time, ‘Be Vanilla’: Svami and Superkicks Collaborate and Introduce Vanilla Cola, a Taste of 90s Nostalgia!

'Be Vanilla'

After launching the 2 cal Sugar-Free Cola and the much loved non-alcoholic Rum & Cola, Svami, the pioneering leader in India’s mixers and non-alcoholic beverage market, is at it again, bringing you a refreshing taste of nostalgia with their latest innovation: Vanilla Cola, crafted in collaboration with India’s leading bougie streetwear and sneaker retail store – Superkicks. This charming, 90s-inspired drink is a delightful trip down memory lane reminiscent of the good old Indian summer days and carefree afternoons when life was simpler, jeans and t-shirts were the norm.

This idea came to life as the founders of Svami and Superkicks in a conversation took a cue from their tryst with the iconic ’90s, where memories are laden with soft-serve ice creams, happy meals with toys, and the classic large glass soda bottles that were to be returned to the local corner store and then of course, who could forget the timeless delight of the ‘Cola float’, where a vanilla soft-serve ice cream met a fizzy soda – a concoction enjoyed in diverse ways, some ate, some sipped and most gulped!

In an age of maximalism and rapid-paced living, the Svami & Superkicks’ Vanilla Cola invites you to revel in the nostalgia of simpler times and thus its notion ‘Be Vanilla’; In the spirit of simplicity and a return to uncomplicated pleasures that resonate with those who yearn for a taste of the past.

Aneesh Bhasin, co-founder of Svami, shed light on the inspiration behind their Vanilla Cola, stating, “In the retro times we all fondly reminisce about, ‘being vanilla’ was often used to belittle simplicity. However, today, it has evolved into a lifestyle embraced by those who value uncluttered and straightforward choices. Vanilla Cola epitomizes this concept – a drink that eschews complexity. So, the next time you’re faced with the daunting task of selecting a beverage, just ‘Be Vanilla!’ and let our Vanilla Cola be an effortless and refreshing choice.”

Adding further to Aneesh’s words, Sangeet Payrani, co-founder of Superkicks said, “Svami has always been our go-to beverage partner for our events which is what became the base of our relationship to bloom into what we see today; launching a collaborative ready-to-drink product. The moment we sat and discussed what the drink could be, we somewhat naturally gravitated towards the idea of a Vanilla Cola, a drink that’s the epitome of nostalgia. For Superkicks with our community focus where stories from the past become an important tool to cultivate the culture, it was a no-brainer to work with Svami on a flavor from the past and bring it back again in its truest sense.”

Whether you’re seeking a beverage that transports you back in time or a refreshing drink that resonates with your minimalist lifestyle, this Vanilla Cola is an invitation to embrace the unadorned pleasures of days gone by.

Svami continues to revolutionize and redefine the non-alcoholic beverage landscape, delivering innovative and nostalgic experiences one drink at a time. The Vanilla Cola is available at Superkicks stores in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi and online on Svami’s official website www.svamidrinks.com, and Amazon. in too.

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