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The IIC Experience: A Festival of the Arts


14 to 20 October 2022

Thursday, 20 October 2022 at 6:30 pm

Nitya Amore

A dance collaboration between India and Italy exploring the concept of love through music and dance from both countries

Concept and Choreography: Aranyani Bhargav, Ayana Mukherjee, Francesca Dario and Michele Oliva

Music: Dhruv Bedi, Ganesh Krishnaswamy, Giovanni Sollima and Leslie Charles

Dancers: Aranyani Bhargav, Ayana Mukherjee, Francesca Dario and Nunzio Perricone

Chief Guest: Shri K.N. Shrivastava, Director, IIC

Venue: Fountain Lawns

Nitya Amore

In this production, artists from Italy and India come together to explore the depths and layers of love. Bringing their unique cultural understandings of this complex emotion, the artists find distinctive as well as similar conceptions of love and eternal love through music and dance from both the countries.

The piece begins with an exploration of love by Indian dancers and choreographers, Ayana and Aranyani. The piece traces through abstract, yet technical Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi based movement – the journey of love from the discovery of it, an exploration and blossoming of love and finally fulfillment of love and beyond. The anxiety, longing, palpable tension and even despair manifest in the body of the person experiencing this. And then, once love is fulfilled, there is a calmness and stillness – a satisfaction of love, fulfilled. 

This will be followed by a piece by Italian dancers Francesca Dario and Nunzio Perricone (choreographed by Michele Oliva and Francesca Dario). The pieces touch upon the question – How can you live as a couple in a relationship without misunderstanding, passion and love? Two personalities observe each other without looking at each other. Attraction brings them to start a journey towards the exploration of one another, where they go through moments of tension and passion that glue them together. Following this, the finale will be a coming together of the Italian and Indian artists in an improvised culmination of movement that embodies the ideas of love explored. 

The music for Ayana and Aranyani is created by ‘Fragment of Light’ consisting of musicians Ganesh Krishnaswamy and Leslie Charles and is a result of an ongoing dialogue with the dancers. Fragment of Light has created music that has resonances with Italian composer, Giovanni Sollima’s music, but also retain elements that are distinctively Indian. 

The Italian dance duo is using Giovanni Sollima’s music for their exploration of love.

The finale of the production has Sitar artist Dhruv Bedi creating music for the on-stage Indian-Italian collaboration. 

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